Some nights we all feel as though time is against us, and the idea of producing a healthy meal for the family seems all too hard.  These are the nights that in the past you might have called in for reinforcements (also known as home delivery pizza).
But if you are able to keep a freezer well stocked with healthy options for meals and snacks, you need never worry about not being able to feed the family under time pressure.
Today we have some of our favourite Lose Baby Weight recipes that are perfect for freezing.
So clear some space in the freezer and get inspired by our freezer-friendly recipes below.

Stews and Casseroles

These are a staple for frozen meals. Whenever you cook something like a stew, get in the habit of cooking a double batch.
Allow the meal to cool to room temperature before placing into plastic containers in either single serve or family serve portions and freezing.
Take the tub out of the freezer the night before or the morning of the day you want to eat it and place in the fridge. It should be thawed by dinner time, but if not simply heat in the microwave or on the stove top until piping hot.


Like stews and casseroles, curries freeze really well – especially if they are quite saucy. Follow the directions above for stews for tips on freezing and defrosting.

Burgers and Patties

Instead of just freezing mince, why not get into the habit of making extra burgers when you cook a meal?
Simply freeze the uncooked patties by placing on a chopping board in the freezer. When frozen, pop into a ziplock bag.
Defrost when required by placing on a plate in the fridge. When defrosted, cook as per the recipe.
Then all you need to do is grab a wrap or roll and some salad to make a quick and easy burger.

Soups  Freezer meals for busy mums

These are a great lunch option when frozen in individual portions. Remove from the freezer the night before or the morning of the day you want to eat it. If not defrosted in time just heat in the microwave or on the stove top until piping hot.


Portions of pies or lasagna are great to freeze in individual serves. They are great when someone arrives home late and needs a meal for one, or also as a quick lunch. Simply defrost in the microwave or heat on a low oven.

Sweet Treats and Cakes

You can easily freeze individual muffins or slices of healthy cakes and bakes. Once cooked, place on a chopping board and freeze individually.
Then wrap each piece in plastic wrap and pop into a bag or container. When required, simply allow to defrost or pop in the microwave.

Plus see our Guilt Free Chocolate Treats & Baking Book for lots of healthy sweet treat options

What Else Can I Freeze?  freezer meals

  • Grapes, blueberries or dates – to eat as a snack from frozen
  • Banana, melon or mango chunks – to use in a Healthy Mummy Smoothie.
  • Yoghurt in ice cube trays – so you always have some on hand for your morning smoothie.
  • Pesto – again pop it in ice cube trays and then click them out as needed.
  • Home made chicken stock – freeze in 1 cup portions in zip lock bags laid out flat.
  • Pasta Sauce – keep 1 cup portions of pasta sauce in small tubs to use as needed for pasta or as a pizza base.
  • Pizza Dough – we love freezing uncooked pizza dough too. Simply place the uncooked dough on a chopping board and freeze, then place in a bag. When required, defrost at room temperature on the kitchen bench.
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