healthy_eatingWhen you want to lose weight, it can be easy to look for a quick fix.
Just take this pill and lose 10kg? Great!
Eat nothing but cabbage soup and drop 3 dress sizes? I’ll take it!
But as with most things in life, the quick fixes often don’t deliver in the end.
When it comes to weight loss, they may deliver initially but often what you are losing is water and muscle, which is not sustainable and eventually the weight comes back on.
That’s why here at Lose Baby Weight our focus is on real food and real results.
We don’t encourage you to buy pre-packaged meals or pills or potions that promise the world.
Our philosophy is all about real food. Even our smoothies are packed with real ingredients (not additives, preservatives and nasty things you might find in some brands).
The smoothies contain ingredients like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, ginger, dandelion, and apple pectin to name a few. All things that will help to fill you up, clear out your insides, and give you the energy to run around after your little people.
Plus we encourage you to add even more real food to your smoothies, with recipes including items like bananas, oats, berries, pineapple, chia seeds, LSA or yoghurt.
Today we ask some of our Motivating Mums to give us their favourite meals from the Lose Baby Weight plans and website, so that you can see that enjoying real food CAN lead to real results like these.

  • Eleanor Hannah has lost 26kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans. ‘I use the recipes from the plan and the website. I just type in what I have in the fridge or freezer meat wise into the search box and look for recipes on the website. It’s my recipe book these days.’
  • Liz Ashard lost 11kg with the plans. ‘My favourite meals are the Thai Beef Salad and the San Choy Bow (both in the 28 day plan); and the Beef Pho Soup. My husbands absolute FAVE recipe is the Beef Kebabs (a 28 day plan recipe) it’s a weekly meal in my house and the kids love it too!!’
  • Angeline Hall has lost over 10kg with the Lose Baby Weight plans. ‘My favourite meal from the 28 Day Plan was the Fish with Spinach and Tomato. Hubby’s favourite meal was the Turkey Burgers from the Husband Friendly Meals recipe section on the website.’
  • Chaye Challacombe has lost over 24kg on our plans.I enjoy the Chicken and Chorizo Pasta from the Lose Baby Weight website.’
  • Robyn Dowley has lost over 17kg with Lose Baby Weight. ‘There are loads of yummy meals on the 28 day plan which I love, some of my favourites were the salmon and roast veg and the salads! From the website our favourite meal is the Lamb Shepherds Pie.’
  • Kat Brown has 4 kids to run after, and has lost over 11kg with Lose Baby Weight. ‘My favourite meals from the 28 Day Plan have been the Lamb with Salad and the Marinated Chicken Salad-YUM!’
  • Chloe Rizzi lost over 18kg with Lose Baby Weight. ‘I have tried so many different Lose Baby Weight recipes. My partner and kids LOVE the Paprika Chicken. My little one couldn’t get enough of it. I ended up freezing the leftovers for him to have over the next week. My personal favourite was the Vietnamese Meatballs it was just so simple and so yummy.’

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