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This month we continue to be motivated by the weight loss journey of Motivating Mum Chaye Challacombe. Chaye has lost over 24 kilograms so far with Lose Baby Weight and you can read some of her previous posts here and here.
Today, Chaye shares her final words of wisdom.
Hi everyone!
Hasn’t this month gone quick! I can’t believe we are at the end of August already- which unfortunately means that this is my last post as a motivating mum for this month.  I have had a fantastic time doing this, it has been the best opportunity for me. It gave me a huge amount of motivation, something I was really looking for. It has made me think about my journey so far and appreciate it so much more! I have also gained clarity, as to what I want to do now and for my future regarding fitness and weight loss goals. I am feeling great about myself now, so have decided to shift my goal from just weight loss, to getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. I figure while I am exercising and getting fitter, as long as I keep eating healthy like I do the weight will come off.
This last week has been great for me.  I have stuck to the 28 day plan really well, and am so enjoying having two Healthy Mummy smoothies a day again. I was getting bored with my smoothies, but that was because I was having the same one every single day. This month has encouraged me to try some new ones and I am so glad that I did. I now make heaps of different smoothies and can never get bored. I really look forward to them too.
Green SmoothieI actually had my first green smoothie this week. I tried the green almond protein shake posted on Lose Baby Weight’s facebook page this week. It was fantastic and I will definitely be having it more. It is very easy to make, just 2 tbsp vanilla healthy mummy smoothie mix, 2 tbsp greek yoghurt, 2 big handfuls spinach, 250ml unsweetened almond milk and ice.
My favourite meal this week would have to be chicken san choy bow from the 28 day plan. It is a family favourite in this house and we have it quite often. It is also so quick and easy to cook, which I am a huge fan of!
One thing that I did struggle with at the start of my journey (and still occasionally do) is picking food off my son’s plate. While I am trying to encourage healthier food for him also, he sometimes still does eat things that really won’t help me lose weight. 
If he didn’t eat all his food, I would be so tempted to just have a taste of what he had.. and sometimes even gave in. I am learning to discipline myself now and not sneaking a taste when I want to, especially if I have reached my calorie intake for the day.  But I think this is a battle that many of us have to contend with. It is about not giving into temptation, whatever it may be. You will feel great about it afterwards if you resist! Just remember what may seem great now, may not feel great on the scales next week!
I lost another 600g this week. This makes a total of 3.5kg for August! I feel fantastic about that. I am now weighing in at 70.9kg, so close to getting under 70kgs. I am very excited and can’t wait to see 69kg on my scales in the next fortnight or so. My original goal when I started on the lose baby weight plans was to get to 70kg and I am only 900g away from achieving this goal also. I never imagined at the time that I would actually get here and especially not as quickly as I have! I am feeling great and just so lucky that I gave lose baby weight a go.
My goals for August were-

  • To get to a healthy bmi- I actually achieved this first week. It feels so fantastic to be able to say I am healthy on this scale!
  • Try new smoothies- I tried so many new smoothies! I will never get bored again and will keep trying more as I am sure there are so many other flavours I haven’t tried yet.
  • Start exercising daily- I do give myself a rest day during the week but other than that I am exercising daily and increasing intensity of exercise too. I have just joined the gym and doing classes and bootcamps. Going to get fit!
  • I will always try my best, no excuses- I think I did this pretty well, I have put in so much more effort this month and it is paying off. I am feeling so good about myself and my healthy lifestyle.

My measurements
February (when I started on the lose baby weight plans and smoothies)
Weight- 96.6kg
Bust- 105cm
Navel (I was measuring wrong spot for waist at first) – 119cm
Hips- 125cm
Thigh- 66cm
Start of August
Weight- 74.4kg
Bust- 97.5cm
Navel- 95cm
Waist- 87cm
Hips- 111cm
Thigh- 64cm
End of August
Weight- 70.9kg
Bust- 95.5cm
Navel- 95cm
Waist- 83.5cm
Hips- 108.5cm
Thigh- 62cm
I just want to thank everyone for their support and kind comments on my posts. I really hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. This month has been so great, I couldn’t be happier with it and am so glad I signed up to be a motivating mum. Thanks also to Rhian and the team at lose baby weight for choosing me.  Look forward to chatting to you all during the get ready for summer challenge!
Chaye x
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