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Today we are catching up with mum of two, Chaye Challacombe who has lost over 24 kilograms so far with Lose Baby Weight and the Lose Baby Weight community. You can read Chaye’s past posts HERE and HERE
Hi Everyone!
So another week has passed already! I am feeling great this week. I have been managing to exercise more and it has given me so much more energy. Most people think that exercise will wear you out and make you more tired but I find that it is quite the opposite. I feel great that I have done the work out and am so much more energetic afterwards. It is making me keener to exercise which is exactly what I needed.
One of my weekly goals was to walk at least every second day while doing a full body workout in between and I think that I have managed to do that. This week, because I am feeling more energetic, I am going to push myself harder! You definitely don’t need to spend money to exercise. There is plenty of free options for you. A walk is always free, and it is great to get out of the house. I find a great incentive for me is going for a walk around our local park and then taking my son the play on the play equipment afterwards.
I love watching him have so much fun, it gives me another reason to get out there and do it. We also love running around our backyard chasing each other and kicking a football around. Kids can be a great help for exercise. They are so energetic! I also do other exercises in my own backyard that anyone could do at home also. I jog around the yard, do step ups onto my sons sandpit, do walking lunges and squats from one side of my fence to the other, crunches, push ups, mountain climbers and more. You can’t use the excuse that you have no equipment to exercise, as you really don’t need it!
Another goal for my week was to drink more water. I think I have been drinking more, but still not sure that it is enough. I have come across some tips on drinking more water that I would like to share with you. Firstly, if you are finding water boring, you can always flavour it with some fruit or herbs. I found heaps of combinations just by searching on google. All you need to do is chop up your fruit and add it to a bottle of water. So easy and very refreshing.
Another tip I am going to try is to set yourself a timer. Say you are going to drink one glass of water an hour for example. Pour your glass of water, set a timer for an hour and finish drinking it within the hour. It’s a great reminder for you. You can also make water part of your routine, drink a glass every time you have a meal, snack, brush your teeth etc. Also make sure you always have a bottle of water on you. So when you are out, you can still get your water intake.
My other goal for the week was to try at least three new Healthy Mummy smoothies. I tried five that I hadn’t had before. It has been great discovering new flavours and favourites. I definitely can’t get bored with having smoothies every day now! I find myself looking forward to them more than I was before. I think my favourite this week would have been the Strawberry and Raspberry Smoothie. So simple but very yummy. You can make it with 200ml low fat milk, ¾ cup strawberries and raspberries, 2 tbsp healthy mummy strawberry smoothie powder, 1 tbsp almond meal and a few ice cubes. Very nice!
healthy_foodI love the healthy recipes from the 28 day plan! My favourites for the week have been the beef kebabs, san choy bow and the Asian beef salad. Best part is, they are all so easy to cook which is really important for me as my hubby works some nights and I have two little boys that are usually getting a bit tired and grumpy around that time of day.
I lost 400g this week. Not a huge amount but I wasn’t expecting much more than that as I lost 1.3kg last week. So 1.7kg in two weeks is awesome! Sometimes you just have to look at the bigger picture like that rather than focusing on losing a small amount one week. All those small amounts are going to add up to one big number at the end!
My goals for the next week
-Still keep an eye on my water intake to get it where it should be
-Up the intensity of my workouts, add some jogging to my walks also.
-Try some new snacks. I seem to have found my favourites and stuck with them. I want to find some new favourites.
My Measurements
Weight- 72.7kg (down 400g)
I usually only do measurements fortnightly so will update them next week!
Have a great week everyone!
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