Trying to fit in regular exercise when you are mum can be pretty hard as you are seriously time challenged and exhausted most of the time.
At Lose Baby Weight we are all mums and we understand the time challenges and how hard it can be so we have created lots of exercise plans and ideas to follow which have been created by post pregnancy experts and are designed to fit into your life and we promise – no hour long gym sessions are required!
It is well known in personal training circles that spot fat removal isn’t possible – i.e. you can’t just focus on removing fat from your stomach area.
Weight loss is an all over body experience and when you lose weight it comes from everywhere and a weight loss exercises plan needs to be focused on the whole body.
When it comes to a weight loss exercise plan, it is important to work the whole body and get moving as much as you can to boost energy being used which fires up the metabolism and the body’s fat burning ability.
It is also important you eat healthy foods and our Healthy Mummy Smoothies and plans have been specifically formulated to nourish a mums body, aid weight loss and give you lots of energy.
ExerciseLose Baby Weight has created simple exercise plan ideas that are the best way to lose weight and you can find them below:
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As well as doing exercise to lose belly fat you also need to start making a conscious effort to move more during the day.  Here are our top hints for the best way to lose weight:

  • If you can walk to work then get walking
  • If you live far away then get off the bus/train earlier and walk some of the way
  • If you are not back at work make sure you go for at least a 30 minute walk every day – this is good for baby and good for you and is one of the best way to lose weight.
  • Where you have an option to take the lift – DON’T – walk up the stairs – I did this religiously and it worked so well on my legs.
  • Try and move around at home more – during the day try and do some more leg lifts or squats or just do anything that gets you moving.  I dance for 5 minutes to some music or do some waist twists – anything that gets my body moving but that isn’t too exhausting.  If you make a habit of doing this you will really start noticing the difference quickly
  • When you are on the sofa do butt crunches – easy to do and will burn calories and tone your bum.
By incorporating these exercises to lose belly fat and to lose overall body weight, you will get back in shape in no time. The best part of our exercise plan is that it is healthy and safe for both you and your baby.

Get Our Exercise DVD

And for the ULTIMATE SAFE, EFFECTIVE & TRUSTED Post Pregnancy Workout – see our EXPERT Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD below – you can purchase and see more information on it here
The DVD can be followed by all mums (for example new mums or mums with older children) and can be followed by someone with a basic or a more advanced level of fitness.
Lisa Westlake is our incredible fitness instructor and postnatal exercise specialist throughout the DVD. With her extensive physiotherapy experience and qualifications (Lisa is one of the most awarded fitness professionals in Australia), Lisa is the perfect fitness instructor to bring The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD to life – you will love working out with her. (You can see our Q&A with Lisa with commonly asked questions on the DVD here)
The exercises in The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD are effective and safe and Lisa will guide you through each of the workouts. As well as assisting in the improvement of your overall fitness levels, the workouts in the DVD will also help in the burning of calories, the improvement of your core strength and the strengthening of your pelvic floor.
The six workouts are broken down into 10 and 15 minute sections that you can do when it suits you – or if you have the time and energy you can do the DVD as one 70 minute continuous workout. The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD also covers special considerations post-birth, such as caesarean sections, back strains, muscle separation, incontinence and pelvic floor issues.
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*This material is for information only and not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.  Please consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss program and do not begin any exercise routine unless you have your doctor’s clearance.
We also recommend talking to your doctor if your baby suffers from colic before starting any diet plan as certain foods may exacerbate the colic if you are breastfeeding.
The owners of Lose Baby Weight shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained herein