Questions About The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD

The life of a mum is busy and frantic, and at The Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight, we understand that!
The exercises and workouts on The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD have been broken down into 10 and 15 minute workouts that you can do when it suits you – or you can do the entire in 70 minutes, if you have the time!
Please see below for commonly asked questions that you may have about our Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD.
Our fabulous Physiotherapist and Post Natal Fitness Expert, Lisa Westlake, has answered the tops questions below
Lisa is a mother of two, physiotherapist and fitness instructor. She is highly regarded in both fitness and medical professions for her extensive work designing and delivering women’s health exercise programs, and is recognised for her significant knowledge and experience in postnatal fitness.
We hope this covers all the questions that you may have. You can order your copy HERE

Lisa Westlake

Q. How soon can I start the DVD after having my baby?

A. You can start the gentle pelvic floor and core section within days of having your baby.  Over the first few weeks pelvic floor, core recruitment and walking is plenty for a mum who is busy looking after her new baby.
You can progress to the main workouts of the DVD when you no longer have any bleeding, you are feeling strong and ready for some exercise , your pelvic floor and core are recovered and functioning well.
Commonly this will be when your baby is around 6 weeks old.
The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD provides guidelines on when you can do certain activities and signs to recognize if you are over doing it.

Q. I have had a C – Section , can I still do the exercises?

A.  You can definitely perform these exercises after a caesarean section delivery, as per the guidelines, however you can expect to take longer to get back to certain exercises for example 12 weeks.

Q. I have never done any exercise before, will this exercise DVD still be ok for me to do or should I start with walking first?

A.  Always start with a little walking and simple pelvic floor exercises.  Getting out and about with the pram is not only good for your fitness , it’s good for your mental wellbeing too.
The guidlelines of The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD cater for people of all fitness levels and post natal stages.  If you listen to your body and follow the recommendations of how hard to work you be able to reap the benefits of post natal exercise no matter what your start point.
For a mum who has been quite inactive up until now, you will need to start gently and progress gradually.  The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD is broken into 10 and 15 minute sections so initially you will choose just one section every second day.  Gradually progress to daily and then gradually add an extra section to your workout as your energy levels and time allow.

Q. I am already quite fit, and my baby is 12 months old, but want to tone up more and lose the last 5kg, will this DVD help me or will it be too basic?

A.  The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD has options for everyone.   By combining several sections and following the options to up the workout such as using hand weights you will find it an effective option that you can do at home

Q. My youngest child is 3 years old, have I left it too late to tone up my body after pregnancy?

A. It is never too late.  I had a lady in my post natal fitness class who’s baby was 21 years old!  It is not uncommon for mums of toddlers to suddenly think “ my child is 2 or 3 and I have not made time to exercise”.  The life of a young mum is busy and many women find they have little time for themselves.  If this is you, The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD is perfect.  You can start gradually with one section and slowly build up.  Being a physio designed program you can be confident that even if you have not had time for fitness for years, these exercises will safely and effectively help you get back on track.

Q. I have a slipped disc in my back, can I any exercises in this DVD?

A If you have an acute disc bulge or prolapse or in fact in any new or unexplained pain or injury you should seek assessment and advice from your doctor or physiotherapist and get specific treatment and exercises.
Every back injury is different and so you need specific rehabilitation exercises initially.
Once you have your back under control, you have no neurological signs  and your pain is subsided this is the perfect program to help you get back in shape sensibly and safely.  Being low impact and core stability focused this program is ideal for someone wanting to help strengthen their back as they get back in shape.

Q. I have vaginal prolapse, can I do any of the workouts in this DVD?

A. If you have a vaginal prolapse you must seek advice from your doctor or womens health and continence physiotherapist.  Whilst The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD is very focused on pelvic floor strength and recovery, and many of the exercises will be helpful,  it is vital you exercise under the guidance of a pelvic floor physiotherapist.  Show them the DVD and after assessing you comprehensively they will be able to give you individual guidance as to which sections you can do and when.

Q. I have severe muscle separation, can I do any of the exercises in this DVD?

A. Again , you should seek advice form your doctor or physiotherapist
More than 50% of new mothers have a diastasis rectus abdominus and  most resolve over time.   Core and pelvic floor exercises will support your spine whilst you have this compromised abdominal wall integrity and help them come back together,  Performing any outer abdominal work such obliques, hovers, planks or ab curls will compromise recovery.
Thus you can do a large proportion of The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD without compromise, but you should still seek professional advice as every woman is different.

Q. Is it better to do the DVD in one 70 minute workout or does it not matter if I break it up into the 10 and 15 minute chapters over the day?

A.   We totally understand how busy a  mother’s life can be.
The two reasons the DVD is divided into 15 and 10 minute sections are
1)    So you can do a ten minute workout here or there as your time allows
2)    But also it allows you to start gently, as your energy allows
So start with one section and gradually add on as your strength and fitness level dictate.
Be sure to mix up the workouts to keep it interesting and train all bady parts over any given week.

Q. Should I do the DVD every day or have days off?

A. Initially a day off here and there will be good but you will find you can gradually do a different section daily and gradually add on.  Most importantly, listen to your body

Q. I have a really big tummy and lots of excess fat there, will this DVD help me lose this ‘over hang’ and help me tone up this area?

A.   Any exercise and a healthy diet of fresh food will help you lose body fat, but we must remember you can not “spot reduce” .  This means that   doing ab curls for example, will not specifically remove fat from your abdominal area.
To remove fat our energy output needs to exceed our energy input, but when you are breast feeding and looking after a little baby is not the time for crash diets.   All exercise styles, low impact cardio or strength work will assist you not only by boosting your metabolism and burning calories but also by helping you to feel stronger both physically and emotionally.   The more sensible exercise you do , the more you will feel like eating healthy foods (the 28 Day Plan  is a great guide to eating healthy foods too), and vice versa. This Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD is perfect as it provides a range of exercise styles that are safe and effective for women after pregnancy and delivery. You can also do this in combination with any of the Lose Baby Weight plans and products
Secondly your abdominal muscles have been stretched during pregnancy.   You will regain your waist in time. Sensible core and torso strengthening  will assist this but remember these muscles stretched gradually over 9 months so they will take time to regain their tone.
Be patient, it’s a short time in the big picture

Q. I am pregnant and want to stay active in my pregnancy. Is the DVD or any part of the DVD safe to do in pregnancy?  

Whilst The Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD is designed for post natal women there are many elements that suit a pregnant women who is healthy, and free of any medical or pregnancy related condition.  The low impact, low load and pelvic floor and core emphasis suits both pre and post natal women.
Pregnant women may enjoy the DVD for the first trimester, but after this will need to avoid or modify any exercises lying prone (on your tummy) or supine (on your back).
All women should check with their health care professional before starting any exercise program and expecting mums  will  benefit from a custom designed program to suit their individual situation and stage of pregnancy.

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