There’s one area women are often at the same time loathe to approach as well as secretly wishing they would: arms.
How To Tone Your Arms
When I started helping people develop their own workouts – and even in my group classes – I often got asked how we can avoid bulking up the upper body while toning it.
The answer is easy, as a lot of it is an exaggerated feeling of pumping up. You’re much more likely to think you are starting to look like Arnie if you can feel the burn in your arms.
Firstly, ignore the burn. Then, avoid the actual burn. Huh? Well, we don’t need to pump iron like a bodybuilder to get tone. And we don’t want the short range of motion in our exercises like they do. Long, lean, functional, please!
There are lots of exercises you can do and if you stay with weights or resistance that allows you to still control your shoulder stability and core positioning, you’re onto a good think. If the veins on your temples are popping – abort! (you can also get your FREE exercise sampler here)
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300_250_healthy_mummy_pregnancy_DVDThe Biceps Triceps Lunge

The biceps triceps lunge is one of my favourites for clients (aka the tuckshop elbow – it gets rid of tuckshop lady arms) – also see video below:

  • With light weights in one hand, come to a lunge.
  • Keep both legs strong and drawing in towards one another.
  • Hips are level. Front knee over front ankle. Body is leaning forwards as an extension of back leg or slightly lifted.
  • Core is “lifted and engaged”. One hand on hip or lower back to make sure you’re staying active and aligned.
  • Other elbow tucks into side and slightly behind back.
    Fold and unfold elbow – full range.
  • Repeat 10 – 12 times.

Then: little pulses back with a straight arm. Repeat 10 – 12 times. Then: 90 degree bend in elbow, pulse hand above head. Keep shoulder down, shoulder blade stable. Repeat 12 times.
Note: You can do the same exercise with a theraband underneath your front foot – you’ll work biceps and triceps separately though. First, elbows back and extend arms back, then elbows lifted to shoulder height, keep bringing hands to shoulders and unfolding. (you can also get your FREE exercise sampler here)
If the lunge is too strong to maintain, lower the back knee down.
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ResultsSide Twist Squat

The side twist squat is another one that gets people in three places,
core, legs and arms, even though the focus is on the arms.

  • Come to a Pilates squat with a theraband in your hands (shoulder distance length).
  • Toes and knees turned out and tracking.
  • Ankles in line with knees.
  • Spine in neutral and not hunching forwards.
  • Gently draw up through pelvic floor and feel as if feet are drawing together.
  • Front ribs draw down and in.
  • Shoulderblades stabilise – tips of shoulderblades gently melting in towards spine.
  • Arms in front at shoulder height, palms down
  • Keep left arm still, draw right arm out to side and back, twisting ribcage to right.
  • Lead with knuckles, keep hips steady.
  • Repeat on other side. 10-12 or however many you can do with a medium strength band that you can feel requires your core AND arm strength.

Note: This can be done kneeling or sitting on a chair or cross-legged.(you can also get your FREE exercise sampler here)

Creative Squat
  • Get creative in your squat or lunge (band can be tied to pole or the like for some exercises).
  • Body positions as above.
  • Add in a lift or lower through legs as you do the arms for additional work.
  • Arms lift overhead and separate. Pulse legs and arms. (Shoulders down, ribs in.)
  • Hands separate on diagonal. Body remains upright.
  • Band tied behind pole, pulse straight arms back making a circle from
  • starting at your hips out to side and overhead and return. (This is asuper chest opener and will help you stabilise your shoulder blades down your back but make sure you keep your form and don’t overdo it.)

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