As we all know, motivation in losing weight is one of the key reasons we succeed and at Lose Baby Weight, we try and provide as much daily motivation as humanly possible to keep you on track and focused on your health and weight loss goals so you reach your target and feel great.
And to help everyone stay motivated and inspired we have our MOTIVATING MUM Segment running each month. And each month one of the mums on our Lose Baby Weight Plans has the opportunity to be our Motivating Mum Of The Month and help motivate themselves and other mums – as well as score themselves over $250 in our products, smoothies, books and plans to help you reach your own goal weight – win, win win!

So what is involved and how does it work?

Firstly you will need to apply to be our Motivating Mum of the month. Each month four mum will be picked for this VERY IMPORTANT job.
What is the criteria for applying to becoming the Motivating Mum of the Month?

  • You have to be 100% ready to lose your weight – physically and emotionally
  • You must be at least 8-12 weeks post birth – we do not want to encourage fast weight loss and only want mums who are 100% ready physically and emotionally ready – which for some mums may be 8 weeks and for others it may be 8 years!
  • You have to be committed for the month and know yourself enough to know you will stay on track – we can’t have our Motivating Mum of the month fall off the wagon on week 2!
  • You have to be a Lose Baby Weight Customer – either using our smoothie plans or the 28 Day Plan – or both
  • You have to have already had success on our plans over at least 1-2 months (or a lot longer) as we want you to show mums how the plans have already worked for you as well as keep going until you reach your goal whilst being a Motivating Mum.
  • You have to be a mum
  • You need to either have a camera phone or a digital camera to upload a daily picture of your food you are eating and exercise you are doing to our Facebook page – 2 posts a day (you can have Sunday off!)
  • You have to be able to write a blog each Sunday night which is a Sunday night MOTIVATION blog talking about what you have done over the week and your motivation for the week ahead – you are the motivating mum!
  • You need to post your weekly measurements and/or weigh in results each week on the Facebook page – everyone will want to see what the Motivating Mum of the month is doing
What is in it for you – other than over $250 in products!
  • You will have a HUGE amount of accountability! If you are ready to take the weight loss challenge this is a great and very public way to take the bull by the horns and motivate yourself
  • You will be motivating and inspiring hundreds of thousands of other mums! We have over 70,000 mums on our Facebook page an over 400,000 mums on our website each month – they will all see your story and be inspired by your daily pictures and how you are getting fit and healthy
  • See past AMAZING Motivating Mums here and their blogs.

So ladies – what are you waiting for!! Get your applications in below!
Enter here!