Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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This week we catch up with Chloe Rizzi who has lost over 18 kilograms with Lose Baby Weight (and a whole bunch of dress sizes as well!) You can check out Chloe’s past posts HERE, HERE and HERE.

“So this week (my final week as a Motivating Mum) has been a much better week than last! I have my car back!!!!! My scheduling is getting back on track, I have been able to get the kids out and about and in turn I have been able to enjoy the amazing feeling of just being able to do what I want when I want without having to rely on anyone else! My motivation is back to its peak and I am in full force again!
This week I was very focused on eating consistently throughout the day. It wasn’t always easy as I had multiple appointments everyday to catch up on but I felt like either way even if I didn’t have the ability to have my two Healthy Mummy Smoothies a day, I was still choosing the best/healthiest/lightest option to still give me all the nutrients and energy I needed and learning and eating from the 28 Day Plan.
Being a motivating mum this month overall has been a fantastic experience. Something I think all mums who are following the Lose Baby Weight program should do as it is a real eye opener. It allows you to look at yourself in its rawest view as you are not just in it for you, you are also in it for the support and encouragement of other mums out there who are striving for the same thing.
I have faced many challenges during this month. The first week I was meant to start ’motivating’ other people I had my physical freedom taken away from me from the car accident, the kids were sick with the flu twice and I have never been so busy in my life between my three gorgeous boys, planning an engagement party, only just recently starting a night time job and plenty of family commitments. This has also been a plateau phase for me over the last 8 weeks and I haven’t reached the goals that I had in the previous months before, which was VERY frustrating.
But in saying that being a motivating mum helped me to see what it’s all about. Writing a blog each week makes you look at the positive side of things and what you have achieved. This last week I have had a bigger change in my body than I had in the 8 weeks prior and it showed me that things aren’t always easy and they aren’t always going to pan out the way you hoped., but it’s what you take away from it.
I have learnt so much about my eating and how to cook healthy versions of the recipes we normally loved but avoided as they had a higher calorie content like the Lamb Coconut Curry, Healthy Chicken Pad Thai and Thai Green Curry to name a few.
Even though the month has ended of me motivating other mums (which I really hope I have) my weight loss journey DOES NOT stop today. I look forward to trying many more smoothies and many more recipes and following all the AMAZING advice other Motivating Mums and Lose Baby Weight provide.
The first thing I do EVERY morning is check the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page to see what other great advice is on offer. Now that I have my Lose Baby Weight Calorie Bible I am excited as I read many more great tips and have a handy guide with me wherever I go to always make the healthiest choice on offer.
What I have taken away from this experience is to NEVER GIVE UP! To always keep looking forward and to learn from whatever challenges you face in your life that don’t always make it easy to stay on track 110%. I have learnt to be better organised with my meals and keep common ingredients in my fridge/pantry so that there is always an option to a healthy yummy dinner.
The biggest thing is that I am worthy of reaching my goal and putting myself first in this respect. My partner has been AMAZING at trying new dinners/new versions of dinner and has loved so many of them. I am so thankful to him and Lose Baby Weight as I don’t think I would have got through this month otherwise.
With that support I was also motivated to finally go dress shopping for my engagement dress and I bought one yesterday! So happy with it and so happy with myself for fitting into a size 16 (Compared to a size 20-22)!!!!! Yay! I couldn’t believe it, it was just the cherry on top that made every struggle worth it as I realised I have come such a long way since before I began this healthy lifestyle!
Well I hope everyone reading this has enjoyed the Lose Baby Weight program as much as I have and continues to push through with whatever their goals are. Thank you so much for encouraging me throughout the month and I plan to update you in the near future with my full weight loss picture!!
Weight Loss Stats – July 30th
Weight: 92kg (- 1.2kg)
Bust: 116.5cm ( – 2.5cm)
Hips: 113.5cm (-1.5cm)
Waist: 102cm (total lost 3.5cm)
Legs: 64cm (total lost 2cm)
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