Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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Last week we introduced Motivating Mum Chloe who is a busy mum to three little boys – you can read that post here.
This week Chloe shows how she overcame some hurdles in her weight loss journey with the help of Lose Baby Weight – so far Chloe has lost over 18kg with Lose Baby Weight.
‘Hi everyone!
So the last week has been somewhat of a challenge for me physically after being t-boned on my way to work last Monday.


After all the adrenalin and shock wore off one of the first things that hit me was “How am I going to stay motivated within myself if I can’t go to the gym until I recover from these bumps and bruises?”

I was able to quickly answer myself with one simple line “Lose Baby Weight Plans”.

SmoothieBeing asked to be a Motivating Mum for July could not have come at a better time, between the lack of control of my picking throughout June and the car accident last week.
It motivated me more to focus on my main problem area I have always had (hence my significant weight gain over the years)….FOOD!!!!
Being an emotional eater this was a test for me and I feel like I passed.
I didn’t turn to food like I have over the years in many other tough circumstances.
I am thankful to all of the other ‘Motivating Mums’ with their stories of challenges and ‘Lose Baby Weight’ for providing me with the insight and encouragement I needed to conquer this.
healthy_eatingI feel so fortunate to have such a positive influence relating to such a sensitive subject in a woman’s life.
This week I tried new recipes I haven’t tried before like the Healthy Shepherd’s Pie & Rare Roast Beef, Avocado and Cheese Wrap which are AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend them both!
The huge range of recipe choices makes it easy for me to cook a meal that I know the whole family will love while still allowing me to benefit towards my weight loss goals.
They are simple and easy and are no different to the feeling of having a ‘home cooked meal’ – unlike other diets I have tried.
I think my favourite recipe to date is the ‘San Choy Bow’. It is so simple and easy but it is the yummiest dish ever in my opinion. I could have it every night!!
My favourite smoothie would have to be the Mocha Smoothie. It is a great start to the day with three little ones to keep up with.
lose_baby_weightI was able to go for my first walk yesterday since the accident as I was cleared by my physio!!! It was FANTASTIC as I was going stir-crazy between exercise restrictions and no vehicle to take me anywhere!
I now cannot wait to go for a walk again tomorrow. Even though I have restrictions due to my back and shoulder…I am encouraging myself to at least walk every day once my partner gets home from work until I can return to the gym! Something is always better than nothing!!
I know I set myself some goals for July but I feel like I need to add three more:

  • Keep a food diary to be 100% aware of my picking in between meals
  • Try new smoothie recipes (I am a terrible creature of habit)
  • Don’t doubt myself or my potential to succeed in my goals

My stats for the week:                 

  • Weight: 93.2kg (same)
  • Hips: 115cm (same)
  • Waist: 105.5cm (same)
  • Bust: 119 cm (same)
  • Thigh: 66cm (same)

I hope I motivate all you other amazing mums out there who are working towards achieving your weight loss goals!
WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!’
– Chloe Rizzi
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