Earlier this year, the incredible Liz Flett, shared her weight loss results with us – you can see her story here.
She lost an amazing 11kg and the transformation was outstanding! And like so many mums on our Lose Baby Weight plans, Liz made significant improvements to her health as well as to her weight and the scales and felt so much healthier for losing the extra weight
And now that nearly 6 months has passed, we thought we would check in with Liz and see how her weight loss maintenance has gone and wow – she is looking amazing!
Well done for sticking to all your healthy eating information from the plans and you can see the Q&A from Liz below 6 months on.

Liz’s weight loss journey


And Liz Now!

Liz Now

Liz’s Weight Loss Q&A Update
Q. How much weight did you lose on the lose baby weight plans?
A. From the start up until now I have lost a total of 11.2kg!
Q. How many kids do you have?
A. 2, my daughter is 2 and my son is 10 months
Q. What was the best thing about the Lose Baby Weight plans and healthy mummy smoothies?
A. They were so easy to prepare and delicious! I went from stressing over what to make for dinner and worrying that my family weren’t eating well to knowing exactly what I was making and knowing that we were all eating healthy too! It’s got us outdoors more and helped us get into a better routine 🙂
Q. What is your top tip for other mums wanting to lose weight?
A. You can never be too busy to exercise and eat well, with the right knowledge about living and eating healthy, it goes from being a goal to a lifestyle! Don’t look at off days as a fail!
Q. Have you kept the weight off?
A. Yes! I stopped weighing myself for a while and got back on the scales this morning to see I lost another 2kgs!
Q. Would you recommend lose baby weight to other mums?
A. Definitely! I’ve already got my sister in law and some friends onto the plans!
Q. Anything else you want to add?
A. I’m just so happy I came across Lose Baby Weight! I’ve tried so many weight loss plans and found this is the one that works really well for not just me but my friends and family too. I love it and I’m so happy with what you have taught me and what I have accomplished! Thanks to all of you at LBW!


Liz xxx
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