lose_baby_weightIf you want to get healthy but the thought of a complete overhaul of your eating and exercise habits is a little daunting, we can help.
Making just one change (per week, or even per month if that suits you) will allow you to ease yourself into the evolution into a healthier you.

  • Reduce your intake of processed foods

This can seem a little scary at first, but it is definitely possible to drastically reduce your consumption of processed foods. Having the confidence to make your own snacks, sauces and meals from scratch is the key. And we are here to help, so check out some of the healthy ideas from our recipes pages.
Instead of buying things like muesli bars or banana bread – make your own healthy snacks like our Banana and Cocoa Squares or our own Healthy Wholegrain Banana Bread.
When it comes to things like stir fry sauces, curries, and pasta sauce, again it is a matter of learning a few recipes so that you don’t need to rely on jars/sachets/packets.
Many of the commercial sauces contain hidden sugars, fats, additives, preservatives and other ingredients that are not as good for you as making it yourself with fresh products.
Try our home made Lamb and Coconut Curry, some healthy Asian inspired noodles, and a Lemon and Garlic Chicken Stirfry.
You might find that just making use of things like fresh herbs, lemon and lime zest, and fresh chilli is enough to add the flavour that you enjoy.

  • Make a move on a daily basis

Here at Lose Baby Weight, we are all mums too. We know that sometimes you can barely keep your eyes open while you make cheese toasties for your toddler for the 100th time (or is that just me?). So it’s not likely that you can devote an hour a day to exercise, and that’s just fine.
But if you can commit to some smaller bursts of activity, that can be just as effective. Perhaps you can squeeze in a 10 minute session of push ups and sit ups first thing in the morning. Or maybe while the kids are playing you can do some squats and planks in the lounge room. Or dance around with the kids to Play School when they sing your favourite tunes.
The key message is that all of the little bits of exercise do add up, and your body will soon get used to moving more. Many of our mums soon find that they enjoy the exercise and factor in daily walks with the kids.

  • Prepare your lunches for the week in advance

This is a GREAT habit to get into. If you have something healthy and delicious sitting in a container in the fridge, it means you don’t even have to think about what to have for lunch each day.
It means one less decision you have to make, and one less chance that something less than healthy can sneak in.
Some great ideas include our simple Lamb Shank Soup or Healthy Mushroom Risotto.

  • Step out of your side dish comfort zone

We have some delicious ideas for healthy and nutritious side dishes that don’t include the words ‘mashed’ and ‘potato’. Try our delicious corn on the cob with chilli and lime, or our carrot puree which – believe me – doesn’t taste like baby food!
It’s also a great idea to make some swaps – instead of white rice and pasta, try using things like brown rice, quinoa and cous cous.

  • Reduce your portion sizes

You may already be eating healthy food, but if you are eating too much of it that will still hinder your weight loss efforts. Many of us are guilty of serving up and eating a meal the same size as our partner.
I don’t know about you but my partner is around 20kg heavier than me and so would need to take in more calories on a daily basis.
Make a conscious effort to reduce your portion sizes. At first, it may feel as though you are not satisfied but after a couple of days you will find that you do get used to a reduced size. Not sure what a portion should look like? Click here.
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