What do celebs Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Aniston have in common?
They both love Quinoa. And why wouldn’t they? Pronounced Keen-Wa, this special little seed has all the makings of a super food, and as anyone clued in on nutrition and healthy eating for weight loss will tell you, it’s a dynamite edition to your diet.
A staple ingredient in the ancient Inca diet, Quinoa has been rediscovered and is popping up on a plate (and in a supermarket) near you as the ideal replacement for high GI foods or for those who need to avoid gluten.
The secret to Quinoa’s super powers? It’s a seed not a wholegrain. Other foods typically seen served with stir-fry and bolognaise like white rice, pasta and cous cous are grain based and high in carbohydrates but not protein.
The ‘white’ varieties also have a high GI which means they are more likely to cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash, causing those nasty hunger pains and a desire to raid the biccie tin.
Quinoa on the other hand has a high protein content, along with a healthy serving of iron and fibre, all essential components for healthy weight loss. The added bonus? All that protein will help keep you full for longer, making it the ideal energy source for busy mums who want to lose baby weight but not feel hungry.

One of the best things about this nifty seed is the variety of ways it can be used. Quinoa porridge for breakfast or as part of a yummy salad for dinner, the neutral taste of quinoa absorbs all the flavours it’s cooked with making it great choice for adding protein and bulk to a meal, without extra calories. You’ll also see a wide range of different quinoa varieties, like seeds, flakes and flours, to suit a range of different food groups.
My favourite way to eat it? As part of a healthy muffin, perfect for eating when I’m on the go or out and about. Check out the health food aisle at your local supermarket and try adding it to your healthy eating plan. Plus see here for a tasty Quinoa protein snack here which is great for inbetween meals

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