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In her last post, Motivating Mum Kat who has lost over 11kg with Lose Baby Weight shared her tips for a healthy shop. This week, Kat fills us in our how she maintains her weight loss when life gets busy (and when babies are teething!) You can read more about Kat and see her previous entries HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


“This week has been another tough week with my 7 month old teething and I have been getting very little sleep. Exercising has seriously been the LAST thing on my mind but I have been reminding myself of how good I feel after I go for my walk and that has kept me motivated.
We went out for a meal on the weekend and it was my very first chance to put my new food knowledge and portion sizing to the test. I did treat myself to a yummy dessert though! We also had friends over for tea during the week and I didn’t want to ruin my new eating habits so I got onto the Lose Baby Weight website and found some recipes to cook.
We had the slow cooked roast lamb with a side of crispy roast potatoes and steamed green veggies and we had the silky chocolate mousse for dessert with fresh strawberries. Wow, so so yummy! And so very easy to prepare, I did minimal cooking (the best kind!)  Everyone enjoyed the meal and they could NOT believe that the mousse was healthy!
I have lost over 11 kg now but I have found that I have not been losing as much as when I first started with my weight loss. I went and got myself some new scales and according to them my old scales we out by 5kilos (giving me a new weight loss starting point of 79kg) So that made me feel like I am getting absolutely nowhere! But I told myself that the numbers on the scales have changed but my weight loss hasn’t.
I also measured myself and had a good hard look at myself in the mirror. I even went all out and put on some really nice clothes I have had put away (not my trackies!) and it was then that I realised how much my body has changed in the past 7 weeks and how PROUD of myself I should be!
Tops that were tight are now very loose and I am down almost two jean sizes. In doing that it has given me the much needed boost to my self esteem to keep going and to not give up! I have set myself a few new long term goals and am feeling better for it. weight_loss
I have continued to have my Healthy Mummy Smoothies for lunch this week and some if my favorites off the website were blueberry and banana and the latte.  I have also tried some recipes off the web for dinner, the Mexican lasagna was so yum!!
I have been continuing with my 200 squats a day and my lunges. I have also been pushing myself with my walking and have been adding in intervals of some running as well and I was quite surprised with how far my fitness has come! I was also pleasantly surprised that my Roxy jeans fit!
I have decided that I will be putting my scales away for the next 3 months as I have been a teensy bit obsessive about what they say and I am looking forward to the 1st of November to see my progress. I have also set myself some new fitness goals with one of them being to run for 5km.
I am going to continue to try new yummy smoothie recipes and dinner recipes off the website. If you haven’t already, go onto the website and try some new recipes, it’s all free (and totally delicious!) You won’t regret it! It will also keep your weight loss journey from getting too repetitive and dull.
My measurements this week are:
Weight: 67.7kg down 2.7kg (over two weeks)
A total loss of 5.9kg in July  (a total of 11.9kg since starting Lose Baby Weight on the 14th of June 2013)
Bust: 89cm down 1cm
Waist:74cm no change
Hips: 89cm down 3cm
Thighs:58.5cm down 3.5cm
Thank you for letting me be a motivating mum for July. It has helped to keep me going, helped me learn a lot about myself and helped me expand my food knowledge!
I hope that I have helped some of the mummy’s out there too!’
Bye for now xoxo
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