Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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Last week we introduced Motivating Mum Nicolene who has lost over 7kg with Lose Baby Weight. You can read her first post here.
‘This week I have really focussed on getting myself back on track after having a challenging time personally and also being away on holidays for a week.
I gave myself a “fresh” start and remeasured and weighed myself and am using this as my basis for how I go in July and how I motivate other mums.
My current stats:

  • Weight – 90.4kg
  • BMI – 30.6
  • Bust -108 cm
  • Waist – 106 cm
  • Hips – 107 cm
  • Thighs – 61 cm

Since starting on the Lose Baby Weight plan in mid April I have lost over 7kgs and almost 30cm off my measurements!
By following the plans and getting regular physical activity I have seen the weight come off gradually each week. I hope to lose at least another 4 kgs this month.
Exercise is always hard especially during this time of year when it’s cold and wet outside.
I am fortunate enough to still have 30 degree days where I live, but for 6 months out of the year it’s too hot to step outside!
I have tried to find ways to make exercise more interesting and try and involve the family too.
I joined a Personal Training session called Pram Pushers and that has really challenged me.
I completed a time trial this week and in a month’s time will repeat it. My aim is to shave a couple minutes off my time.
Other exercise I have started doing is a “mummylates” class, which is a Pilates class especially for post partum mums.
Along with my weekly 3 hours of belly dancing and daily 45min walks (this picture shows my walking track) I am getting a good variety of physical activity and seeing my body change every week.
A few tips I’d like to share on staying motivated to do exercise which I find help me are:

  • Using a daily walk as part of your baby’s settling routine. I find that it stops me from not doing it if it really helps my baby through her witching hours. I have the hubby and my other daughter come along too and kick the footy at the local park while I walk.
  • If you find and do classes specially for post natal mums then you are in the company of others in the same boat as you and you are less likely to feel intimidated and uncomfortable with your physical abilities
  • Pay for your classes up front and not per class attended as you are less likely to not attend if you have already paid.
  • Consider doing a dance class of some sort, it’s fun and a good way to meet other people. You would be surprised how many calories you burn and dancing is also good for improving mental wellbeing.
  • Try and find a few 5-10 minute slots during the day where you can do some toning and strengthening exercises that are suggested in the 28-day Plan.

I have found over the past couple months that I actually start to feel guilty if I haven’t done any physical activity during the day.
The trick is to make it part of your routine and hopefully my suggestions will help!
The healthy mummy smoothies are still enjoyable to have every morning with my favourite being any with blueberries and wholegrain oats added.
I feel full and energised to get me through the morning.
I try and have my family eat the same as me throughout the week with steamed veggies being a favourite with any lean meat.
The beef kebabs from the 28 Day Plan are another favourite.
healthy_eatingI am going to try some of the recipes from the Lose Baby Weight website that are Husband Friendly Food as weight loss success is far better when your family/partner are supportive and on the journey to a healthier lifestyle with you.
Like everyone who is trying to lose weight I still have my daily struggle with wanting to eat the wrong things when it all gets busy and too hard.
Over the weeks I have found ways to plan ahead to make sure I don’t get into that trap.
I will share my tips with you and what has worked for our family next week along with an update on my weight loss and measurements for July so far.
Until then…keep it up ladies and get out there and start moving! You will honestly feel great for doing it!’
– Nicolene Gault
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