Hi, my name is Kat Brown, I am a mum of 4 and have been following the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans and have lost 27kg. This December I will be taking part in the FREE Reduce Sugar December Challenge and today I am sharing with you my Top 20 Sugar Free Recipes
A big part of my weightloss journey and success has been changing the way myself and my family eats
Since reducing the amount of processed sugar in my children’s diets I have seen a massive change in their behavior and in their eczema
I found that in the beginning that opting for the treats that were sweeter with natural sugars helped with the transition eg, bliss balls or fudge bites that are both naturally sweet from using dates

Kat’s Top 20 Sugar Free Recipes

My biggest piece of advice is to just take it nice and slow, reducing your sugar in your regular baking and adding in some healthier treats and you will be processed sugar free in no time at all.
Hope you and your family enjoy some of these yummy recipes and you can see my progress here
Stay happy and healthy
Kat xx
Reduce sugar

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