healthy_eatingAs a busy mum it’s fairly normal to feel tired some of the time.
But if you would like to have more energy there are some foods that you can eat that can not only help you to lose weight, but also give you an energy boost.
In your healthy eating plan it’s important to include foods that will boost metabolism and sustain consistent energy levels.
Why not try some of these and see if they give you the boost that you need.

  • Oats

Whole oats are a great way to get a boost of energy without the blood sugar spike. They keep you feeling full and satisfied, and release their energy slowly into the body.
Enjoy a bowl of porridge and you can get on with your morning – without the dreaded mid-morning slump. Go for whole oats, not the quick oats as they are less processed.
Try it as a healthy muesli or in your Healthy Mummy Smoothie.

  • Parsley

Did you know that parsley contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits? It’s also full of vitamin B12.
Add some parsley to your meals, such as these Parsley, Lime and Salmon Rissoles. Or why not make some healthy Parsley and Walnut Pesto to use as a way to flavour your meals such as fritattas and pasta.

  • Raw spinach

Baby spinach is a great addition to almost any meal. Pop a handful on the side of your plate and enjoy the crunch as well as the nutrition. It’s full of magnesium and iron, so will help to keep your energy levels up.
You can also try it as a filling for these healthy Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Chicken Breasts, or even pop it in your Healthy Mummy Smoothie.

  • Sweet potato

Full of minerals and vitamin C, sweet potatoes are another great slow release energy food. They are low GI (as opposed to their white potato cousins) which means you get all the nutrition without the sugar spike.
Try them in a salad, as a home made chip, or as a topping for a Healthy Shepherd’s Pie.

  • Almonds

Almonds contain protein and healthy fats, so they satisfy you and keep your energy levels up without the low that you get after a sugary snack. Get into the habit of carrying a ziplock bag of almonds in your bag so that you can nibble on them when you are out and about at snack time.
You can also throw them into your Healthy Mummy Smoothie, or use almond meal in your cooking. We love this healthy take on a Chicken Schnitzel using almond meal instead of breadcrumbs.
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