The holiday season is upon us.  The kids are at home and looking for things to do so why not get them involved in the kitchen making some healthy food?
Not only will it help to keep you on track with your healthy eating plan, it is teaching them a lifelong skill.

Your kids (depending on age) can measure, mix, pour, chop and grate.  Let them get as involved as they possibly can- don’t worry about mess being made, hands getting dirty, they can help you clean up after they have finished helping with the cooking and you can see some tips of jobs they can do here.
Your kids will get so much enjoyment out of cooking with you and having them take an interest in their food will also help fussy eaters to eat a wider variety of foods.
Getting your kids to help pick what’s on the menu will help make it that more enjoyable for them. Here are some healthy suggestions we have found for you to try over the holidays….

10 Kid Friendly Recipes To Cook

Give some of these recipes a try over the holidays and enjoy the memories you will be making with your kids
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