Kat Brown has lost over 23kgs with Lose Baby Weight and a healthy eating diet plan.
She is one of the Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mums and shares some thoughts on getting your children involved with cooking and what they’re eating:
I WAS a firm believer that it was only for “special” occasions for them to help me do anything in the kitchen but that is a thing of the past!
My kids will generally help me do at least one thing in the kitchen each day.
Kat Brown Loses over 23 kgs, Lose Baby Weight, kids in the kitchen, healthy eating diet plan

1) Help me wash the plastic things in the sink

My 4 year old son LOVES to do this in the kitchen- granted most of the time I will have to re wash what he has already done but it is teaching him a lifelong skill that he will use later in life

2) Help chop veg for dinner

We have a fabulous kid’s knife to use for this that is not sharp enough to cut little fingers but will chop the veggies! My kids also do a lot of grating (under supervision) and they love to see the insides of the vegetables and it helps them to learn how their food is grown etc. too.
Kat Brown Loses over 23 Kgs with Lose Baby Weight, Lose Baby Weight, healthy eating diet plan, Motivating Mum

3) Help make a smoothie

My kids love a smoothie and have one most days so they enjoy being able to make their own! I get them to tip in the ingredients and chop any fruit that needs to go in- the big enjoyment is getting to turn the blender on.

Lose Baby Weight- Challenge

4) Help bake healthy treats

My daughter and I do a big bake up once a month for her school lunches. She goes through the Guilt Free Cookbook and picks what she would like to take for a treat to school each day. She cooks most things by herself (she is 5) and I help her with the hot things.
Kat Brown loses over 23kgs with Lose Baby Weight, Guilt Free Cookbook, Lose Baby Weight, healthy eating diet plan

5) Get ingredients out of the pantry/fridge

This is a favorite for my 18 month year old as he loves to “help” so he can get tins from the pantry and vegetables out of the fridge.
Sometimes they can make a terrible mess, fight, whine and complain but they really do enjoy it and it is SO GOOD FOR THEM!
And it’s good for me to feel like I am not the only one who cooks and cleans 😉
Stay happy and healthy xoxo
Kat Brown (you can read Kat’s weight loss story here)
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