Hi my name is Kat Brown, mum of 4 and I have been transforming my health and fitness by following the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans since June 2013 and have lost 24kg.
Today I wanted to update you all with my progress.  You can see my previous update here.
I have been maintaining my weight for the past few months as I was feeling comfortable with where I was at. Then along came the July 28 Day Challenge and I really enjoyed it and helped me to kick start my weightloss again with losing 1kg throughout July! I was so surprised and very happy!!
And I loved the 28 Day Challenge. The recipes were delicious and easy to prepare, the exercises were very challenging & non repetitive and the support you receive is invaluable!
The online Challenge Hub is well laid out and everything is always right at my fingertips! The fact that hundreds of other mums are eating what I am eating & learning what I am learning, I have definitely not felt like I was alone in this challenge!! – I can’t wait to do the September 28 Day Challenge!
Unfortunately, in August, life got very stressful for me and the 1kg I had lost crept back on.  I was completely unaware of this as I normally only weigh in once a month but I did not feel as healthy as I normally do so jumped on the scales and that was the reason why!
So I instantly got straight back onto my favorite book in the world- the 28 Day Plan.
I really, really enjoy the 28 Day Plan and the delicious meals and snacks.  I have also been enjoying a Healthy Mummy Smoothie a day for a snack as it really helps to keep me full for the afternoon (and through the temptation of the kids dinner time) until dinner.
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I have now lost the 1kg I had gained plus a bit extra from being back onto the 28 Day Plan full time this has been with little to light exercise.
I am really looking forward to the new September Challenge that is starting in a few week’s time.  The last Challenge was fantastic with so many new yum recipes to try- I really cant wait!!
Stay Happy and Healthy xoxo
Kat Brown

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