SnacksWe get lots of questions from mums about what to have as a snack when trying to lose weight.
The 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan includes a meal plan for your 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, so this is a great start.

  • Fruit is always a great option, and works well if you can pair it with some proteins. For instance you might have one small apple + 10 almonds. Or perhaps ½ cup of chopped pineapple + 3 tbsp Greek yoghurt.
  • Some healthy carbs are also great, along with some protein again (it helps to keep you fuller for longer). For instance you might have 2 Ryvitas + 1 tbsp 100% natural peanut butter. Or perhaps 4 wholegrain rice cakes with some homemade hummus.

But if you are after some more ideas today we have asked some of our Motivating Mums for their favourite snacks.
These women have all lost weight with the Lose Baby Weight plans so you know that you are getting some sound advice!

  • When Linda Hallas is planning her morning or afternoon tea, her go-to snack tends to be ‘nuts and protein balls from the Lose Baby Weight website.’ Linda has lost over 40kg on our plans.
  • TreatsEleanor Hannah has a few favourites up her sleeve. ‘My faves are carrots and hummus, a boiled egg, a cruskit with avocado, those yummy dark choc almonds Lose Baby Weight sell, 4 strawberries, an apple and some almonds.’ Eleanor also suggests ‘check out the Lose Baby Weight website they have great snack ideas on there.’ Eleanor has lost 26kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans.
  • Kat Brown has 4 kids and has lost over 11kg. Kat says she gets quite hungry in the afternoon and often craves something sweet. ‘I LOVE having a piece of wholemeal toast with 100% peanut butter and banana on it and a BIG glass of water.’
  • Janet Cook has lost over 20kg with Lose Baby Weight. Janet found that she was extra hungry when breastfeeding (which is perfectly normal and you should definitely eat if you are hungry). ‘Popcorn and fruit with natural yoghurt were my favorites or a small handful of nuts kept my energy up. If you let yourself get starving you may binge. I was never hungry when I followed the plans with one extra snack after dinner while I was breastfeeding.’
  • Chaye Challacombe has lost 24kg with Lose Baby Weight. She is also breastfeeding at the moment. ‘I have a snack after dinner. I usually like something sweet, a piece of fruit or some low fat vanilla yoghurt is great, dark chocolate is another favourite of mine if I have the chocolate cravings.’
  • Do you sometimes have a sweet craving that won’t quit? Delight Smallridge says ‘I love the Lose Baby Weight dark chocolate treats – my favourites are the almond ones.’ Delight lost 22kg with the Lose Baby Weight plans and Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

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