My Lose Baby weight Journey
I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I embark in this weight loss journey with Lose Baby Weight.
My second daughter was born on the 20th September. With all the dramas of premature labour, normal breech birth! We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We have decided even before she was born that we will just have two kids — so I was very serious with losing all the extra weight after having bub.


I have always been a fit person, doing gym classes and crossfit. I have done many fad diets as well—- but I wanted to find something that would help me with my weight loss journey and will not affect Breastfeeding and that was safe in breastfeeding. With just one google search I found lose baby weight-— THANK God! I ordered and from that moment I’ve never looked back.
The 28 day diet and exercise plan was so easy to follow and most off all my milk supply was over flowing! With my eldest I hardly Breastfed as I didn’t have enought supply— but with Halle it’s amazing! She was a full time Breastfed baby and I was loving it.
I started using Lose Baby Weight 6 weeks after Halle was born. At 88 kgs. After 11 mos I’m now 66 kilos—-22kgs gone!
I’m very happy to have found this program! Rhian and her team were very supportive— my weeks has never been perfect but I will just jump online, look at LBW page and get a boost of motivation. I also email Rhian and yes she respond straight away!
It’s not about losing weight anymore, it’s a life style change. I’m loving the new me— I’m fitter, more confident and most of all with this journey I still enjoy being a mom. I even took my healthy mummy smoothie on our holiday to Bali!
I’ve never sent the team a photo with just my undergarment on – so here you go– but you’ll be the judge :). This program works! Xxxxx
Delight Smallridge
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