The incredible Jodie Koeleman has lost an amazing 25.8kgs in 6 months with Lose Baby Weight and shares what she has been up to in June and is pumped for the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge!

Hi everyone!
This month has gone SO fast! At the start of June I weighed 73.5kgs – a weight I had ‘plateaued’ at for a month. The first fortnight of this month I managed to lose 200g, but I was certain that I was going to break through the plateau. I read some great articles from the Lose Baby Weight website about plateaus and how to shift the last few kilograms, and I also chatted with other Motivating Mums in the Facebook Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group to see how they got through a stall in their weight losses.
So for the last half of this month I have ensured my calorie intake has been adequate and that I have been pushing myself that little bit harder when I exercise. For example, when running on the treadmill I lowered my speed but increased my distance. I’ve also been having Healthy Mummy Smoothies for breakfast and lunch three times a week or more – my favourite hot Healthy Mummy Smoothie at the moment is the Apple Crumble and Cream – it’s so good!
With the weather getting colder throughout June I’ve worked hard to try and not fall into my old winter habits of eating high fat food and hibernating. I’ve definitely felt the cold more this year than in previous years, so the Comfort Eating Weight Loss Plan book with its wonderfully warming recipes has come in handy; the Mexican Lasagne is a family favourite as is the Metabolism Boosting Chilli. Using the Guilt-Free Chocolate and Baking Book and recipes from the Lose Baby Weight website I’ve been baking up a storm too! This month I’ve made zucchini slice, flourless chocolate cake, chocolate mousse cake, choc chip chickpea cookies, banana bread and apple & blueberry loaf. These have all been quick to whip up and they have tasted AMAZING!
A major change to my day has been getting up at 6.30am during the week so that my husband and I can do a 30-minute workout before he leaves for work. We love doing the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy DVD together and both of us have found an increase in energy throughout the day – plus it feels good to get the metabolism going even before breakfast!
This month has definitely been eye-opening and a learning curve with regards to understanding my body. I’ve really enjoyed taking control of my eating and exercise to see results after weeks of no movement on the scales or tape measure. Overall for June, I have lost 1.4kgs and I’m well on my way to reaching my goal
Bring on the  28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge!
Jodie Koeleman
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