The average pregnancy weight gain is 14kg but a lot of mums gain a lot more than this.
For some women the amount of baby weight they gain is more in the 20-30kg range.
Following a healthy eating and weight loss plan is crucial to get back to your pre pregnancy weight and also so that you lose the stomach fat.
If you follow a sensible weight loss plan – such as Lose Baby Weight –  then the average weight loss is around 1kg a week – but some mums do around 500g and others 1.5kg – which all depends on your BMR and if you are breastfeeding.
But the issue many mums face is how to lose the last 5kg.
It always seems to be the case that losing the last 5kg is always the hardest and most frustrating part of losing overall weight.

28bookTop tips on how to lose the last 5kg

  • Calculate your BMR so you know exactly how many calories you need each day and start being stricter with calorie counting
  • In your healthy mummy smoothies use half no fat milk and half water to save on calories (I often use just water in my smoothies and I can’t tell the difference)
  • Only ever use half a banana in your smoothies
  • Make sure if you are adding chia seeds, flaxseeds or linseeds that you only ever add 1 x tsp to your smoothies
  • Watch your carb intake and only ever have wholegrain carbohydrates – so do not have white bread, white rice or white pasta and only have ¼ of your main meal as carbohydrate – have ½ of your plate as veggies and ¼ lean protein
  • Eat more salad based food and veggies which are full of fibre and use more calories in digestion – especially broccolli, celery and cauliflower
  • Make sure every snack you have has protein in – see some ideas here
  • Have 1 x tbsp. of cider vinegar before food – see the benefits here
  • Don’t have any alcohol – a waste of calories and not good for weight loss (or health)
  • Drink 4 cups of green tea a day
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day
  • Watch your portion control – see some tips here
  • Purchase one of our portion control plates here
  • Challenge yourself in your exercise – part jog and part walk on your daily walk, do more resistance work like squats, push ups and core work to bust stomach fat
  • See our exercise videos to help you tone up at home
  • Stay committed and don’t cheat – you WILL get to your goal it just needs extra focus
  • Try our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan to give you a focus and structure

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