The Lose Baby Weight team knows that any successful long term pregnancy weight loss method must avoid starvation.
This is because our bodies are designed to survive all sorts of pressures, and starvation is one of them.
So when you reduce the amount of food you take in, your body behaves as though it is being starved. Your body fights hard to keep you alive, by reducing the loss of the energy stored in your fat. So your body deliberately tries to keep the fat you are trying to lose!
A few days of severe food deprivation are not serious. So if you lose a few hundred grams, your body doesn’t take much action. Also, during the first few days, much of the weight loss is water rather than fat.
To be successful in losing weight you need to use up the excess fat and you will still have to burn more calories than you take in but our philosophy is not based around hours of hard exercise because that on it’s own just doesn’t work and there are much better ways of ensuring your body burns extra calories – and one of those ways is understanding the metabolism.

The Metabolism

Metabolism is simply what occurs in order to break down the carbohydrates, fats, proteins and calories that we take in. This happens in order to for us to take the energy we need from our food.
A slow and sluggish metabolism will still process the calories that we take in, but it will process them more slowly – meaning that more of the calories that we take in are not used for energy and are instead laid down as fat stores.
When we eat protein, enzymes in our body break it down into amino acids, when we eat fat, enzymes break it down into fatty acids and when we eat carbohydrates, enzymes break it down into simple sugars. These compounds can then be used as energy sources right away, or they can be stored for use later. Eventually, if the energy isn’t used, it will be stored as fat.

The Metabolic Rate

The rate of your metabolism depends on a number of different things, but one of the most important things in determining your metabolic rate is your muscle to fat ratio. Numerous studies have found that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn even at rest – meaning that your metabolic rate is higher and that you process calories more easily.
The more fat you have, the fewer calories you burn at rest – meaning that your metabolic rate is slower and that it is more difficult for you to process calories. This means that the more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body takes from the food that you put into it to sustain itself. The more fat you have, the fewer calories your body takes from the food that you eat to sustain itself – instead, laying down the rest of those calories as fat stores.
Every day your body burns kilojoules and it does this without you even knowing it in order to keep you warm and breathing. A typical figure for this function alone is roughly 2,000 calories per day. If we can increase the rate at which it does that, you can burn extra kilojoules all day without trying. This is called ‘increasing your resting metabolic rate.’  You can use our BMR calculator to work out what yours is here
The natural way to increase your resting metabolic rate is to increase the amount of muscle you have, and also stimulate it to be more active than it is now.
Not only will having more muscle mean burning more calories even while sitting doing nothing, but muscle actually stores ‘quick release’ energy. Thus, extra muscle gives you more energy whenever you need it, and you feel better in yourself.
You will have more muscle (as in look lean not like a body builder!), burning more kilojoules per hour. You will burn the fat, while still having more energy. As you get stronger and lighter, your energy levels will soar which will help with looking after your baby.
As well as lean muscle mass there are lots of other ways to boost your metabolism and our program really focuses on this so you can get maximum results from minimal effort.

So what are some ways to boost your lean muscle and metabolism?
  • Do light muscle bearing exercise – such as squats, lifting light weights – or cans from the cupboards, or mini push ups – anything that works your muscles through resistance work
  • Try eating more metabolism boosting foods – you can see lots of ones to stock up on here
  • Make sure you have lean protein at every meal time which which help you build lean muscle and stay fuller for longer
  • Try having 1 x tbsp of cider vinegar before meals which is thought to help boost your metabolism – you can read more about cider vinegar here
  • Swap black tea for green tea which is thought to have metabolism boosting properties – you can read more about it here

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