healthy_eatingIf you are trying to eat healthy food and lose weight you may be confused about whether to include nuts in your diet.
The answer, in short, is yes. Nuts are a great source of healthy protein, and if eaten in moderation can easily form a part of a healthy diet.
They are high in fat, but it is good fats that are beneficial to your health. These fats also help to keep your cravings for fatty foods at bay.
It is important when buying nuts to go for the unsalted and unroasted variety. Raw nuts are the best way to go, though you still need to watch your portion sizes as they can be high in calories.
A great way to include nuts in your diet is to add them to your meals. So as well as just munching on a handful of nuts, sprinkle them in your cereal, add them to your smoothies, scatter them over a stir fry and toss them through your salad.
Today we look at some of our favourite recipes that use nuts and nut butters to make a healthy meal.

Almonds (117 calories per 20g)

Higher in calcium and potassium compared to other nuts, almonds also contain Vitamin E and folic acid. One of our favourite nuts to include in your weight loss diet.

Cashews (115 calories per 20g)

Up your iron and potassium by choosing cashews. This versatile nut works in salads, stir fries, dips, snacks and curries.

Walnuts (139 calories per 20g)

These nuts provide a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. They are said to be a ‘brain food’ which might explain why they are brain shaped!

Peanuts (113 calories per 20g)

High in protein, peanuts are one of the most popular nuts. Try to avoid salted (or choc coated!) peanuts as they are not as healthy as the raw version.

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