At Lose Baby Weight, we are passionate about helping mums feel fit, healthy and confident after having babies and have invested a lot of time and effort in creating our product range.
We also spend a lot of time encouraging mums to love their bodies, no matter what shape or size and for them only to think about losing any weight/doing any exercise when they feel 100% emotionally and physically ready which is different for every mum and to avoid all the celebrity post baby stories!
Each product in our range has been created by leading experts and the health and safety of the mums is always the number one consideration in what we do and we provide a supportive community which is on hand 7 days a week.

Below are some of the amazing weight loss results from mums who have followed our plans – you can see lots more results here

The average weight loss is approximately 1kg a week and we provide EVERYTHING you need to lose weight in a safe and healthy way

Plus we now also have our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges which are taken by 1000’s of mums and you can see all details here

28 day challenge

Janet Cook from Vic lost 20kg

“Thanks so much to Lose Baby Weight for their encouragement and support and easy to follow weight loss plans- I couldn’t have done this on my own.
I am very excited that I have now reached my goal weight and love the 28 Day Plan and Healthy Mummy Smoothies – thank you for such amazing products!”
Janet lost 20kg with our plans – read her full story here


Linda Hallas from Vic lost 40kg

“I achieved my goal with the motivation, smoothies and meals plans that are available on the Lose Baby Weight plans. It was nice to feel like I was not alone – Lose Baby Weight has always made me feel like I have someone on the weight loss journey with me.”
Linda lost 40kg with our plans – read her full story here


Elizabeth Gordon from NZ lost 42kg

“I started on the 28 day starter plan and was hooked. I found I was getting good results with a honest plan that was built for busy mums (even breast feeding ones!)
I got more modivated as time went by and the results got better I started to step my game up in the fitness section..
If anyone has tried protein shakes before you KNOW that they are gut renching ‘hold your nose and drink quickly’ type of products but this program and the healthy mummy smoothies are nothing like that and are designed for real woman who want real results and they taste great.
I cannot recommend you any higher to mothers out there who have tried EVERYTHING they could and still no results.”
Elizabeth lost 42kg with our plans – read her full story here


Nicole Daniels from NSW lost 25kg

“Since using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, the 28 Day Plan and the Exercise DVD I have lost 25kg.
I am so happy and so thankful to  lose baby weight for all their support (and the plans).
I couldn’t have done it without you and recommend you to all my friends”
Nicole has lost 25kg with our plans – read her full story here

How to start with our plans


In summary, you can use our Healthy Mummy Smoothies on their own as a meal replacement shake/smoothie or you can use them in conjunction with our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan
If you just want to use our 28 Day Plan and not use the smoothies this is fine too. Both the smoothies and each of the 28 Day Plan meals are designed to give you optimal nutrition – but of course the smoothies are very fast to make so if you are tired and short on time they are a convenient option and a lot of mums like to mix and match the smoothies with the 28 Day Plan for greater flexibility with their meals.
You can also see all the ingredients in the Healthy Mummy Smoothie here

How fast will you get your order?

Your order is sent the next working day when you order and if you ordered the 28 Day Plan and book you will have instant access to the bonus ebook so can start straight away

Other key points to note

  1. The Healthy Mummy Smoothie is safe in breastfeeding but is used by breastfeeding and NON breastfeeding mums and our plans are used by new mums, older mums, grandmums and even husbands! Please note if your baby has colic or food sensitivities we do not recommend changing your diet without talking to your Dr.
  2. You can replace your breakfast and/or lunch with a smoothie or choose one of the meals from the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan
  3. You eat snacks during the day from our diet plans and snack suggestions on the website
  4. We show you how to incorporate easy, post natal safe and simple exercise into your life – no gym required.
  5. You can use our Exercise DVD which burns approximately 450-550 calories per hour
  6. All smoothie plans come with full guidance and our free ebook Pink Weight Loss Bible
  7. All plans, products and programs have been created by our team of experienced nutritionists and post natal exercise specialists. Our plans are also regularly recommended by midwives and the focus is on safe, healthy and enjoyable weight loss. There is no pressure, no rapid weight loss, no diet pills and no unhealthy methods. This also ensures the weight stays off as you learn a healthy lifestyle and lose weight in a steady and safe way.
  8. You can see more on how the plans work here
  9. We also now have our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges to help support mums on their healthy eating and weight loss journey. This is an online challenge with a start and finish date performed by 1000’s of mums all at the same time. You can see all information on the challenge here

Prices – from $28

  • The 28 Day Plan is available as an ebook for $28 or as a hard copy for $45.95 – which also includes the ebook
  • The Healthy Mummy Smoothies cost $44 (and come in 3 flavours) and are available within our packs or individually
  • The Exercise DVD costs $39.99

And don’t forget you can use code FACEBOOK for a 10% discount

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