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We met Janet in April and she took up the Motivating Mum challenge with gusto, losing an AMAZING 20kg kilograms using Lose Baby Weight.
Janet wanted to get back in touch to let us know how she’s going, three months on from her stint as a motivating mum. If you want to read more from Janet, you can find her previous Motivating Mum posts HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


Since my last results update while being the Motivating Mum of the Month for April and following the Lose Baby Weight plans, I am very excited that I have now reached my goal weight!
After the incredible results I achieved in April by following the 28 day plan closely and having daily healthy mummy smoothies, I hit a bit of a plateau at around 71kgs. It was more mental than anything as I remained very active but found it hard to stay on track with my healthy eating. My husband and family had been amazingly supportive for the month but everything went back to normal on the first day of May.
My biggest challenge is having a very slim, active husband who is 6ft 5 and will regularly eat a whole packet of chocolate cream biscuits in a night and never gain a kilo! He loves sweet things so they are always in the house and of course he eats right next to me.
I have recently tried to counteract this by buying him treats that I am not tempted to eat such as jam doughnuts (I don’t like jam), Turkish Delight or other treats that I don’t like. I am also slowly transitioning him to healthier treats that I will be happy for my son to enjoy when he is older, such as the yummy cake and dessert recipes on the Lose Baby Weight website.
We’ve also been trying a lot of the other recipes from the Lose Baby Weight website including the ‘husband friendly’ options. We especially love the Healthy Tikka Masala! We also now serve much healthier meals to dinner guests in our home, who are always excited to try to guess the ‘secret’ healthy ingredients in our meals and desserts!
I still have the healthy mummy smoothie and love the taste and convenience when I need to ‘grab and go’. We had a weekend away for our 10 year anniversary recently and it was surprisingly easy to make healthy meal choices while eating out for 3 meals a day.  This proved to me this is not a diet- It’s a way of life.
During this weekend away I had the amazing experience of buying my ‘fancy’ jeans that I had waited so long for. Throughout my weight loss journey I had in my mind that once I hit my goal weight (66kgs) I would buy some expensive jeans and it was worth the wait. I feel great in my Sass & Bides (thanks to my Motivating Mum of The Month voucher from Lose Baby Weight!). Jeans have always made me feel chunky but now I feel strong, healthy and comfortable in my skin and can enjoy wearing nice clothes. I am actually 8kgs lighter than I was before I got pregnant so this is the best I have felt in a VERY long time!
Over the last few months I have been very active and even participated in my first ever running event which I loved. I have signed up to another one in November and can’t wait! My next challenge is to increase my strength and muscle mass. I am starting to get back into the strength exercise from the 28 day plan which will help me tone my body even more- and really looking forward to the new DVD!
Thanks so much to Lose Baby Weight for their encouragement and support and easy to follow weight loss plans- I couldn’t have done this on my own.
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