Hey Lose Baby Weight Team 🙂
Just wanted to touch base and give you an update about how I’ve been doing 🙂 so far I’ve managed to keep the weight off (42kgs) since  November/December 2012 which lost using your Lose Baby Weight program woohoo!!
I cannot recommend you any higher to mothers out there who have tried EVERYTHING they could and still no results.
I feel for them as I’ve been there and know that it’s a challenging and sometimes unhappy road..The thing I always say is don’t give up on yourself.
As mothers we always put our children first, but what we do forget is ourselves and how caught up we can get and before you know it you realise you’ve lost ‘yourself’ so I decided to take charge and thought ‘i can do this’ ,us mothers are capable of so much so why not invest in ourselves??
Overall the outcome outweights the negatives if you stick to it..
The reason why I’m now updating you is im finally in a place where I am really happy within myself and want to share my experience and tips 🙂
I started on the 28 day starter plan and was hooked. I found I was getting good results with a honest plan that was built for busy mums (even breast feeding ones!) I got more modivated as time went by and the results got better I started to step my game up in the fitness section..
If anyone has tried protein shakes before you KNOW that they are gut renching ‘hold your nose and drink quickly’ type of products but this program and the healthy mummy smoothies are nothing like that and are designed for real woman who want real results and they taste great:)
My first week I lost just under 2kgs and in total I have lost 54cm’s off my body :) I knew that this was going to work for me and with exercise I could do it – I had always enjoyed exercise and was averagely fit prior to kids and loved my dance, boxing and martial arts. And it is GREAT to see that there is now an Exercise DVD now available too – what a great idea!
The website and emails – and also the facebook page – is awesome and they give you so much personal support and encouragement.
I loved receiving emails everyday to motivate me with other peoples results and also good tips on snacks and dinner ideas.
They provide so much on this program it’s pretty impossible to get no results unless your not following it right.
I believe word of mouth is a powerful thing and that’s why sharing my testimony will hopefully help woman in the same position that i was in and please go and check out the Lose Baby Weight Plans
Now that I have lost the weight I have gone back to Zumba that I went casually to every now and then before my son and within 6 months of ‘reconverting’ myself I’m now a qualified Instructor..best decision i ever made!
liz zumba
I love being around people who are like minded weither they have a passion for dance,want to lose weight or simply want to get a bit fitter..It helps me stay focused 🙂 I have started classes in New Plymouth on Friday nights and will be teaching Zumba Kids/Zumba Kids Jnr classes too!
As cliche as it is my top tips would be to not give up..sometimes you reach platues every now and then but just keep positive and stay on track,I also like to keep my 80/20 rule..that way your realistic on yourself and do get the odd indulgence you crave.
Be organised in your food planning,its alot managable on your budget and that way you stay on track..choose a plan you can afford,there are plenty of options so dont be discouraged if you cant afford to spend up large.
Also remind yourself why you are doing this for and reward yourself if you reach your goal 🙂 As much as the journey is hard,try make it easy on yourself..stress doesnt help 🙂 I still read up on how other mums are doing on the Lose Baby Weight page and it’s fantastic to see so many reaching their goals and getting great results.
Well done to all the mothers out there who have reached their goals and i wish the mothers who have just started or thinking about starting all the best! Investing in yourself is key..a happy healthy mum..a happy healthy family xx
Liz Gordon
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