healthy_eatingThere really isn’t a time of day that fruit can’t be eaten as a healthy snack.
Fruit is the perfect way to start your day – a bowl of chopped pineapple with some yoghurt, some sliced banana on your cereal, or a Healthy Mummy Smoothie with fresh or frozen fruit are all great options to get your metabolism cranking for the day.
Fruit tends to be low calorie and low fat so it’s the perfect choice when you are trying to lose weight.
You can check out our Calorie Bible to find out more about which are the lowest calorie, lowest GI, and which are the highest in fibre for digestive health.
Some of our favourite fruity smoothies include:

When it comes to morning tea, fruit is the truly portable snack. And we have Mother Nature to thank for popping it into such handbag friendly packaging.
Not only is an apple or a mandarin a great snack for you, it’s the perfect way to nourish the kids while you are out and about.
At lunchtime, fruit can be added to your healthy meals. If you haven’t tried pear, mango or peach in a salad, it’s definitely worth having a go!
It’s also a terrific post lunch sweet treat – try munching on a handful of chilled grapes, or a slice of juicy watermelon to keep those sugar cravings at bay.
In the afternoon, fruit can be a great way to fill the gap before dinner time. A banana is a great hunger buster, or why not throw together your own healthy trail mix to keep in a ziplock bag in your handbag.
At dinnertime, fruit can add a lovely sweetness to your meals. We adore flavouring our meals with a squeeze of lemon or lime; or you could try adding pineapple to a chicken stirfry, or cherry tomatoes to a pizza.
After dinner, fruit can be the icing on the healthy cake if you follow some of our healthy baking and dessert recipes. Some of our favourites include:

Calorie BibleThe Healthy Mummy Calorie Bible contains calorie info on ALL of the popular fresh, frozen, canned, dried, you name it kinds of fruit – as well as some healthy recipes and tips for making the best choices. It’s available now and you can preview the book here.

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