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We met Motivating Mum Kelly, who is losing her baby weight with Lose Baby Weight, last week. This week, she checks in to share her progress (after losing 2.1kg in the first 2 weeks) and the lessons she is learning along the way. You can check out Kelly’s first blog post HERE. 
Sounds like lots of people have had homes full of sickies at the moment, ours was no exception, which made it crazy busy and anti-sleep! Bub popped four new teeth and she’s never been a great teether! It can be so tempting to just become a zombie on days like that, but I have kept reminding myself that motion and movement creates energy – when you move your cells they come to life! When you start to get too comfortable and slow down its so much harder to get motivated.
Being nearly two weeks into my second time on Lose Baby Weight, I am finding it so much better with the 28 day plan. I stick my weekly plan onto the fridge and I find it helps me a great deal – not just for the planning aspect but its taught me a great deal about calorie distribution and the importance of healthy snacks throughout the day – ending up ravenous at main meals is not good, because that’s when you run into trouble overeating!
I don’t always have the meal that’s planned for the day, I move them around and sometimes have something else I have picked from the Lose Baby Weight site, but because I have learnt about how to plan meals better (covering all the important foods for the day) and what calories to aim for, it makes it so, so easy.
One of my biggest challenges (and frustrations) has been availability of products. Being in a country town sometimes you can go into the supermarket here and they can be totally out of a range of fresh foods – for example I went to Coles one day for some baby spinach leaves and rocket, and all they had was pre-packaged mixed lettuce leaves – and a whole stall row of fruit and veg was empty so you couldn’t even get bananas. Especially some of the items that are growing in popularity for their health properties, they can be hard to get hold of. So I have had to get creative with the menu sometimes, but it does get frustrating.
I’m a really fussy eater, but because that there are so many choices and options, I actually look forward to eating new things that I haven’t had before. There is so much support, information and a huge database of ideas and recipes on the Lose Baby Weight site, it truly does make it so easy for you – there are no excuses! Kudos to Rhian x
This week I have put fish on the menu once each week (we rarely eat fish here – I would eat it more if we could access fresh, market fish!) and the kids are eating SO much healthier, I can’t believe how they’ve all changed, eating more veggies and not complaining that there is no mashed potato (or white potato even!) and much less pasta. I’m truly shocked! They also enjoy smoothies in the morning!
I thought I would share my tips for getting motivated for exercise, because for me it’s the biggest challenge – I could so easily get stuck into work whenever I am not looking after the baby or cleaning the house, but it means I am sitting on my bum all day!

  • Just take the first step! Once you’re out the door, you will keep going… and going… and going! Sometimes even after I tell myself I am going to do my 30 mins, I keep going because I know anything above and beyond that is a bonus.
  • Get it done first thing in the morning if you can. I find if I get it done first thing, its out the way, its when you have the most energy and you feel so awesome all day knowing you’ve done it – and your metabolism has had a boost, working while you rest too!
  • Visualise – sometimes walks can get challenging, boring or your mind can wander – visualisation is such a powerful thing. It fires me up when I think about what I am walking for – what I am going to look like, how awesome it is going to feel… I imagine a warm beach and for the first time in my life feeling happy in what I am wearing. Knowing that it is truly possible and I can/am going to make it happen! Visualisation of an end goal helps you achieve – and weight loss is no exception.
  • Take music! I always enjoy it so much better when I take my earphones and plug in my iphone and listen to my favourite fast beat music – and if my partner calls while I am walking its a great distraction to chat and walk (earphones have a speaker), even if I am out of breath it helps me kill time.
  • I use a great app on my phone called RunKeeper – and no you don’t need to run to use it! You can set it up for any form of exercise and it talks to you during your activity, telling you when its 10 minutes, 20 minutes etc, tracks calories, distance and your route. You can share with friends, publish on Facebook and it even sends motivational reminders to work out, and gives you awards for your personal bests (distance, speed, time etc).
  • Don’t forget your bottle of water! Its important to keep hydrated.

This week, my partner and I really enjoyed:

I’m really proud of my focus and efforts this week, despite being with a partner who tries to tempt me and kids offering snacks, but I have stuck to it and not been naughty at all – its not acceptable. I have changed how I see treats – now I see it as an extra cup of tea or some cherry tomatoes (yum!), or a little more chicken or fish.lose_baby_weight
Because the food is so delicious and yummy, I would much rather have that than junky empty carbs. When I see junk in the shops, even chocolate bars, I just see calorie laden foods that are going to make me unhappy. I am re-associating feeling good with good foods, rather than feeling food from eating bad foods. I think so many of us associate bad foods with making us feel better and that’s how weight gain can begin. So I am thinking of the pain it will cause me instead!
This time around, for the first time in my life, it really has clicked what I need to do and how I am going to get there. This is information for life, a way of living – and I am not going back.
Weight loss: 2.1kgs gone
Measurements: I haven’t taken measurements before, as I had to buy a measuring tape.
Until next week,
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