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This month we are introducing Kelly Winder who is going to be bringing us her updates on her weight loss journey and motivating us along the way too! Good luck Kelly!!

Introducing Kelly!

After I gave birth to my third bub in August 2012, I knew I wanted to put in a massive effort to lose weight for good. My first was born in 2002, so I have spent the last 12 years being pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as working on my very busy business from home.
I left very little time for me – my ex husband worked inKellycredibly long hours, so I felt stuck at home. I became very sedentary working and looking after kids and just coping day to day – my mind felt crazy busy, but my body was not! The only time I lost weight was when I was so stressed out that I was sick, but I knew it wasn’t healthy.
I tried a few different shake products on the market years ago – I gave up on them when I noticed that they all seemed to have aspartame or some other artificial sweetener in them – and there was no way I was going to put that horrible stuff in my system.
When I saw Lose Baby Weight’s healthy mummy smoothies, I couldn’t believe it – finally a shake/smoothie WITHOUT any artificial sweeteners (I had to email Rhian to make sure!). Instead they contained so many good ingredients and it wasn’t going to hurt my breastmilk supply – if anything increase it!
That was another tick for me – I wasn’t going to give up breastfeeding for the sake of weight loss. My daughter’s health is way more important to me.
I started Lose Baby Weight earlier in the year and lost almost 5 kilos, but a trip to Fiji quickly demolished that. We were desperate for a holiday after so much craziness, so it was nice to kick back, relax and eat amazing food (it was a set menu but the most amazing chef ever, we wanted to eat every meal – three courses per meal time!).
But when I came home it was pretty depressing jumping on the scales. I lost all my motivation due to having a hard time with my bub, work being full on to catch up with and it was starting to get really cold for winter (we get frosts and ice here, like today, brrrr!).    

No longer acceptable

I’m excited that I feel so determined and motivated this time around, I am confident I will achieve my goals. My mantra which helps make me feel stronger and determined is: ‘No longer acceptable.’ My current weight is no longer acceptable. The horrible low self esteem that comes with that is no longer acceptable. Trying to cover up is no longer acceptable. I refuse to go through another summer and want to hide my body. I want to feel healthy both in my body and mind, and not being conscious of how I look is going to change me a whole new person, because its been with me for far too long. Time is ticking and not waiting for anyone, it is no longer acceptable for me to live feeling and looking this way.
Hurdles I need to conquer? I need to be able to stop what I am doing and fit in exercise with such a busy business, almost 12 month old mountain goat of a baby (looking at getting daytime help, as I am drowning in work!) and drinking more water. I have always been hopeless getting in water during the day and I know its going to help with my weight loss. I’m also a hopeless tea addict so cutting that back majorly may produce some withdrawal symptoms!!!
I’m looking forward to motivating everyone because I truly believe if I can do it, anyone can! I have been sedentary for so long – life has been about babies and business, and I have not played any sport or anything like that. I am time poor and sleep deprived often (right now bub is cutting 4 teeth, its killing me!) but putting my journey out there I am confident it will really encourage me to push more and show myself and others that it truly can be done, no matter what lifestyle you used to live, no matter what your current situation is – you can make it unacceptable to put your health and wellbeing last! Time for mammas to come first, because everyone else will also enjoy the benefits too.
Goal: For as long as I can remember I have been stuck in the 70’s – kilos that is! My first and main goal is to get into the 60’s, that really will be a real measurable goal for me that I can get really, really excited by. Goodbye 70’s, here I come 60’s!!!
Starting weight: 77.4kgs – Mon 29th July
Current weight: 76.1kgs – Weds 31st July
BMI currently: 26
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