healthy_eatingIn the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Plans we give you the low down on why you should snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon when you are trying to lose weight.
Snacking is a great way to get your metabolism firing, keep your energy levels up, avoid slumps in the afternoon, and keep your hunger pains away between meals.
The key is knowing what to snack on. Instead of allowing yourself to get too hungry (which can lead to unhealthy choices) have some snacks on hand that you know are nutritious and well balanced.
A great way to make that job easier is to prepare your snacks for the week ahead of time.
That way, they are in the fridge or pantry cupboard so that you can just grab when you need them. Even better, keep them in little plastic tubs so that they are handbag friendly too.
Today we have some ideas so that you can start prepping for your week’s worth of snacks – and won’t get caught out with the dreaded hunger pains!
Ideally you would make a combination of snacks so that you a) don’t get bored, and b) ensure you have a good mix of fruit, protein, healthy carbs and nuts.

Combo one:
  1. Healthy Banana Bread: 210 cals / serve healthy_eating
  2. Cherries, Melon and Yoghurt: 160 cals / serve
  3. Coconut and Apricot Protein Balls: 117 cals / serve
Combo two:
  1. Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins: 170 cals / serve 
  2. Veggie Dip: 155 cals / serve
  3. Nutty Protein Cranberry Balls: 100 cals / serve 
Combo three:
  1. Chunky Guacamole: 103 cals / serve 
  2. Quinoa Protein Balls: 135 cals / serve 
  3. Healthy Breakfast Muffins: 250 cals / serve

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