If you are trying to lose pregnancy weight by following a healthy eating plan such as Lose Baby Weight, you may have to deal with fussy eaters along the way.
It’s not just the little ones (we’ve got more info on fussy toddlers here), but the partners, wives or husbands that can also start stamping their feet and refusing to eat the healthy food that you’ve made.
healthy_eatingSo what to do about a fussy partner? We’ve got some tips here for you. Some involve a bit of communication, and some are just a bit sneaky. So try them out and see what works for you.

‘I need mashed potato / chips / pasta / rice with every meal’

Many partners don’t like the idea of change. If they’ve been having a side of mash for the past few years it can be quite a shock to the system when it’s replaced with steamed green beans.
Firstly, remember that partners who weigh more than you might need the extra calories to fill them up. So why not consider giving them a different side dish to you?
Another idea is to try and make healthier versions of what they are used to. For instance you could see if they would be happy to try some sweet potato wedges instead of chips; some potato mash mixed with some cauliflower mash; or some cauliflower rice instead of white rice.

‘I don’t know what kale / tofu / quinoa / chia seeds are but I’m not trying them’

A bit like a fussy toddler, many partners are worried about trying new things and stepping out of their comfort zone.
You can try to offer it to them in ways they are more likely to enjoy (such as a Healthy Quinoa Breakfast Muffin rather than just some plain boiled quinoa).
And rather than serving up meal after meal using new ingredients, go slowly and give them some input. It also helps if the ingredient isn’t the main part of a meal but perhaps a snack or side dish instead.
For instance you could show them two recipes using kale and ask them if there was one they would be willing to try out this week. You might suggest making a side dish like Butter Bean Mash with Garlic and Kale or a snack such as Crunchy Parmesan Kale Chips.
This keeps the communication open and they will feel as though they do have a say in the new food that is appearing.

‘Why can’t you make what you used to make?’

Many partners simply want things to stay the same. The trouble is, if you eat what you’ve always eaten you’ll weigh what you’ve always weighed – so something has to change.
Instead of vowing never to prepare their favourite meals again, why not try some subtle healthy tweaks to your cooking.
We’ve got stacks of family favourites that we’ve revamped into healthy meals. Why not try:

Need more ideas? Our Comfort Eating Book has pages and pages of healthy options that are made to enjoy as a family.

‘We don’t need to eat healthy food, I don’t think you need to lose weight’

This one can involve some communication with your partner so that they understand where you’re coming from. Let them know your reasons for wanting to lose weight.
Many partners can feel threatened by the idea that you want to change. They may worry that if you lose weight you will find them less attractive and you will get more attention from other people.
If you let your partner know that you want to lose weight for other reasons besides just how you look, it can make them feel more supportive and less apprehensive about the whole process.
For instance you might say you want to lose weight:

  • So that you can keep up with the kids when they’re running around at the park
  • In order to be around for years to spend time with the kids and your partner
  • So that you’ll feel better about your body and more likely to want to get intimate with your partner
  • To tone up and feel fitter so that you can take part in activities as a couple such as bush walks or kayaking
  • To be a good role model for your kids, teaching them that healthy eating is a way of life

‘All this healthy food is way too expensive, and we just can’t afford it’

This is a really common misconception.
You really can’t compare dollar for dollar what you can get from a KFC Family Pack versus a home cooked roast chicken and vegetables.
Sure you might get more ‘stuff’ from KFC but deep fried chicken pieces, chips, sugary desserts and soft drink is devoid of nutrition on the whole, packed with fats and sugars, and offers very little in terms of vitamins and minerals.
Once you learn how to cook healthy food from scratch with real ingredients, you might actually find that you can save money as you don’t need to buy as much processed food.
You can just buy some meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, yoghurt, cheese and a few pantry cupboard staples rather than boxes of biscuits, packets of cakes, boxes of cereal or ready-meals.
Also once you have your kitchen stocked with the more expensive ingredients, you’ll realise that you don’t need to buy them every week (such as chia seeds, nuts or quinoa).
Read more here on our tips for healthy meal planning on a budget. And over here we have some info on how to save time and money when you do your grocery shop for the 28 Day Challenge.
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