This time of year can be tough for many of us when it comes to making good choices in order to lose weight.
After months of working hard at eating well, exercising and losing weight in a healthy way – Christmas can come along and pile on those extra kilos we’ve just worked so hard to lose.
The key is to look out for the bad habits that can creep in over the festive season and make a point to choose a healthier option.
There’s no need to put a stop to all the fun stuff – you just need to make a better choice all the time instead of allowing yourself to go crazy just because it’s Christmas time.

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Here are 15 ways that you can make some better choices on everyday food and drinks.
Stick to these and you’ll head into the new year in great shape.

  • Make healthy drinks like iced tea or sparkling water with a splash of juice instead of drinking too much sugary soft drink
  • Enjoy freshly chopped mango instead of sugar-filled sweets
  • Make some Choc Chickpea Cookies instead of eating a chocolate biscuit
  • Enjoy a glass of white wine with half sparkling water instead of a creamy cocktail
  • Keep chunks of watermelon in the fridge to snack on instead of chips
  • Choose raw, natural nuts over roasted or salted nuts
  • Choose home made dips over commercial brands
  • Make your own healthy banana ice cream instead of eating from a tub of Sara Lee
  • Enjoy good quality dark chocolate over a cheap milk chocolate
  • Use yoghurt to dollop instead of cream or mayo
  • Make your own healthy coleslaw to use in sandwiches instead of buying one from the deli
  • Dip chunks of frozen banana into natural peanut butter or melted dark chocolate instead of eating mini chocolate bars
  • Fill up on extra salad rather than a bread roll with your meal
  • Chop up some rockmelon for a snack instead of a soft serve
  • Make your own healthy ice blocks instead of buying a Calipo

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Lauren Breedt has lost an incredible 46kgs* and her “overhang” using the 28 Day Weight Loss Plans.
jade shaw
Jade Shaw has used the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges to lose 30kgs* and eliminate her excess tummy fat.
weight Loss
Nicole Daniels‘ “overhang” is non-existent after losing 27kgs* on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges
Tamara Deborah lost 35kgs*and countless cm’s from her tummy using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and Healthy Mummy Smoothies.
Lose Baby Weight-20k Loss
Stacey Chisholm has lost 21kg* and her ‘overhang’. Stacey says “I love it how I have found a program that works for me! Lose Baby Weight has given me my confidence back!! I never thought there was so much support around until I met everyone on the same journey”
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