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July 5, 2016      

Our Top 5 Vegan Recipes

If you are vegan or find yourself preparing meals for a vegan you might have wondered which of the Healthy Mummy recipes are best for you.

Choc vanilla bliss balls

July 3, 2016      

Choc Vanilla Bliss Balls

Of  all our bliss ball recipes this has got to be one of our favourites.  If you’re following a healthy eating plan then you have got to add this recipe into your meal plan.  These delicious little choc vanilla bliss …

Healthy Tiramisu

June 30, 2016      

Healthy Tiramisu

Tiramisu is one of those desserts that you tend to avoid if you’re following a Healthy Eating Plan, because it’s calories count is too high.  Luckily we hate the thought of depriving you of delicious food, so we’ve found a …

cinnamon nut slice

June 29, 2016      

Cinnamon Nut Slice

If you’re following a healthy eating plan, there is no need to buy those hidden sugar loaded muesli bars from the shops.  This cinnamon nut slice is the perfect alternative. At less than 100 calories per bar, it’s the not only …

Coconut minty bliss balls

June 28, 2016      

Coconut Minty Bliss Balls

The perfect healthy alternative to an after dinner mint.  Except we would eat them after any meal, they’re so yummy.  These delicious coconut minty bliss balls are only 67 calories each – too good not to make.


June 27, 2016      

8 Meals To Freeze Before Baby Arrives

If your due date is fast approaching, you may find yourself in nesting mode. It’s very normal to feel the need to clean everything in site.


June 26, 2016      

4 Sneaky Ways To Tempt Veggies Into Fussy Eaters

If it’s true that ‘you are what you eat’, you may be worried that your child is going to turn into a rice cracker, banana or bowl of plain pasta if they keep up their fussy eating habits. But today …

Choc Nut Bliss Balls

June 26, 2016      

Choc Nut Bliss Balls

If you’re trying to lose pregnancy weight then bliss balls definitely need to be on your list of top healthy snacks or treats.  These delicious choc nut bliss balls are no exception, especially as they are just 64 calories per ball.

Apricot Coconut Bites

June 25, 2016      

Apricot Coconut Bites

Apricots and coconut go together like peas and carrots – they just work!  This simple, delicious apricot and coconut slice is a perfect snack to add to any healthy eating plan.  Take it to work, pack it in a picnic …

Chocolate Nutty Slice

June 24, 2016      

Chocolate Nutty Slice

This is a great recipe for making with the kids, as it’s part chocolate crackle and no baking required! When you’re taking part in one of our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, eating regularly is essential, so you’ll find lots of healthy …

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