This week we have heard from several women who say that they are trying to lose pregnancy weight and are struggling.
Not struggling with the healthy eating plan itself, or even the exercise component.
These women are actually having a hard time because their kids or their partner refuse to eat the healthy dinners that are being prepared at home.
So today we have some tips for how to turn dinner time from a battlefield to a happier place.
Because our whole family can benefit from quality healthy foods, it’s a winner for everyone.

Get Their Input

At the start of the week, ask your family to help you choose 4 meals that they would be happy to try from the 28 Day Challenge or from the website.
On the other 3 nights you can work together to find some common ground for a meal that you are all happy with.

Change Your Sides

You can always cook a meal that you know that the family would like and then add more salad or leafy greens to yours, and reduce anything that you don’t want to eat too much of.
So for instance you might cook meatballs and give yourself a crunchy green salad on the side instead of pasta; or make a curry and serve yours with quinoa while the family have rice.
At least this way you don’t have to prepare two completely different meals.

Choose From The Husband Friendly Meals

Each week, find something that your partner would be excited to try. We have a whole section dedicated to this on our recipe pages.
Choose from meals such as Steak and Sweet Potato Chips, Burgers, Fajitas, Curry and Nachos.
Click here to view the selection.

Make Healthy Versions Of Their Favourites

We have stacks of healthy versions of classic meals that kids and partners might be happy to tuck into.
Why not try:

kids_bookGet Them To Help Cook

Often kids are more likely to try certain foods if they have had a hand in the cooking process.
So have the kids (depending on their age) fetching ingredients from the fridge, stirring, chopping, smelling and tasting as you follow a healthy recipe.
Encourage them the whole time and make a fuss when you serve the meal that the child made this and aren’t they a great cook. It may not work every time, but teaching healthy habits to our kids is always a positive step.
Plus get our Healthy Kids Cookbook – packed full of tips and recipes for kids

Bulk Their Meals Up

If your partner or kids feel as though portion sizes or side dishes are an issue, add in things like a jacket potato, corn on the cob, rice, bread rolls, etc to bulk up their plates.
You can easily leave these off your plate – in fact it is best to serve up your meals in the kitchen rather than at the table to help you avoid picking at leftovers.

Avoid Arguments

If you know there are certain things that they absolutely won’t try (for instance some families may never eat salmon so they might flip if you serve it up) then save your energy for other things.
Don’t cook it for them – why not cook it for yourself for lunch for the week instead?
Or if the family insists on an unhealthy meal (for instance if your partner bring home a take away) you can always opt out and go and make yourself a Healthy Mummy Smoothie instead.
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Tawhai Duffy – lost 46kg*


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I knew I needed to lose weight but needed some help, especially because my partner and I were getting married in 9 months and I didn’t want to look the way I did in our photos.
My life has changed so much in the last 14 months. I lost 46kgs in 11 months and I have been maintaining my weight since.
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