Following a healthy eating plan with children is the house can prove difficult when fussy eaters reject many foods cooked using weight loss recipes.
Toddlers are notorious for being picky eaters, and anyone with a toddler will know that at some stage ‘no’ becomes their favourite word, which makes introducing new, healthy foods difficult, if not near impossible!
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Healthy snacking is an important part of lasting weight loss success, and snacking together healthily as a family is a good way to make sure everyone is on the same page.
These nutritious, toddler-friendly snack ideas are perfect for both adults and kids alike. Try them today to inject some variety, fun and nutrition into your family’s life.
We also have lots of toddler friendly food in our Healthy Kids Cookbook
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Tropical Fruit Snack Plate

300_600_healthy_mummy_smoothiesOn a plate, arrange chopped banana, sliced kiwifruit and segments of mandarin to form a clever tropical, palm tree scene reminiscent of summer. High in vitamin C, potassium and fibre, kids will love it despite its healthiness!

Strawberry & Mint Rice Paper Rolls

These mildly-flavoured rice paper rolls are perfect for kids because they contain inoffensive, light ingredients and loads of vitamin C and fibre.
Recipe here

Choc Berry Chia Pudding

This tasty and deceptively healthy pudding will delight toddlers, teens and adults alike. The chia seeds add a boost of omega 3 fatty acids while the cinnamon helps to regulate the metabolism.
Recipe here

Cottage Cheese & Sultana Pikelets

Pikelets are an all time favourite with most toddlers. However store-bought pikelets are usually filled with excess refined sugar and preservatives to extend the shelf life. Make your own healthy version with this recipe.
Recipe here 

Coconut & Apricot Protein Balls

These high-protein energy balls are a great alternative to chocolates or lollies. Made with natural, nutritious ingredients, these nut-free protein balls will be a hit with toddlers for their mild, tasty flavour and absence of strong flavours.
Recipe here

Dairy Free Blueberry Vanilla Rice Pudding

Some children have trouble digesting lactose, so many dairy-based snacks are out of the question. This dairy-free rice pudding made with almond milk instead of dairy milk, is a great warming, snack option for toddlers who may have lactose-intolerance.
Recipe here 
Rice pudding with bilberry in white bowl

Coconut & Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate ice cream is a favourite treat for many children, however contains very little nutritional value. Try this recipe for a homemade coconut and chocolate mousse instead. It’s delicious without the added refined sugar, cream and preservatives that come with store-bought ice cream.
Recipe here
We also have lots of toddler friendly food in our Healthy Kids Cookbook which is packed full of recipes

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