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Motivating Mum Nicolene has been keeping us in the loop about her progress and you can read her previous posts here and here. She has already lost over 7kg with Lose Baby Weight.
‘This week has been very challenging for me with the arrival of friends who are caravanning around Australia and the start of the school holidays.
So I had 4 adults and 5 kids under the age of 10 to think of! Let me tell you it has made getting exercise in and ensuring I eat healthily very challenging!!!


I am sure this is something that comes up for most of us Mums.

I certainly wasn’t going to expect my guests to have to eat what I did but was certainly going to try and stick to healthy options and use what I have learned while being on the 28 Day Plan.
We had several days where we were out and about doing the touristy thing and showing our friend around the East Kimberley.
lose_baby_weightIt certainly pays to plan ahead and fit exercise in where I could. This sometimes meant that I did an early morning walk instead of my usual afternoon walk as part of the settling routine for my baby girl.
I actually enjoyed this as it helped me get out of my morning slump and feel a bit more energised and ready to get on with the day.
I also would do my strengthening and toning exercises on the floor while we watched a bit of TV or a movie in the evening.
In the past I would have not worried about it and taken “time off” from my diet but I knew I would have those niggling guilty feelings and potentially undo what I have worked so hard to achieve already.
Most days we took a packed lunch and snacks so I would pack myself a healthy wrap or salad from the 28 Day Plan.
The salads have been such a favourite of mine and they take a while to eat so I feel fuller for longer!
healthy_eatingI mix up the protein with either chicken, beef, tuna or salmon.
One night we ordered pizza for the kids and I didn’t feel tempted at all, I had grilled salmon and steamed veggies instead.
By making these good choices I have felt good about myself when I went to bed at night knowing that my hard work and mental battles about exercise and eating were paying off.
On weigh day I found that I had lost over a kilo and 4 cm off my measurements!
It’s always such a good feeling to see those numbers. I still get nervous before standing on the scale.
I know in my mind that I have done all I could so then I just look at ways to improve on the next week and try not to let it get me down.
REMEMBER – setbacks do happen and it doesn’t make you a failure or mean you should give up. Learn from any mistakes or decisions and let it build you into a healthier you!
My body transformation seems to becoming noticeable for hubby as I read out the different recipes from Husband Friendly Food and he wants me to do that.
After our guests leave in a few days we will be doing just that and I am going to try a few different recipes form the 28 day plan and the recipes on the website.
I find trying new things hard especially with food so that is my challenge for the coming week!
My favourite healthy mummy moothie this week has to be the Chocolate Peanut Butter one!! I ADORE Reece’s Peanut butter cups and was craving them one day so I mixed up the milk, banana, choc smoothie mix and some peanut butter and voila! …craving satisfied with much less calories!
I have found that over my journey the last few months I have become really aware and conscious of what I am putting in my body.
My life has changed so much that even my shopping cart has improved and I feel good about going to the checkout with lots of healthy fruit and veggies, lean meats and very little processed foods.
I am really determined to work hard on this mentality over the coming months as we have just booked a 72 day holiday to see my family in the USA and this is certainly going to challenge me not to undo all my hard work! I will certainly be looking for support while I am over there.
So my journey so far for July is:

  • Weight loss – (July 1-9) – 1.3 kg
  • Measurements – (July 1-9) – 4cm
  • Personal challenges: PT sessions attended, started some jogging and going to try new recipes.

I hope everyone is finding something they can relate to in my weekly updates.
I know I enjoy reading some of the other Mums stories and find myself going ‘Yeah! That’s me too!!’
Have a great week everyone!’
– Nicolene Rarig
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