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We met Motivating Mum Kelly, who is losing her baby weight with Lose Baby Weight, a couple of weeks ago. This week, she checks in to share her progress (after losing 4kg in the first 3 weeks) and the lessons she is learning along the way. You can check out Kelly’s first blog posts HERE and HERE.
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Being a motivating mum has really been a great experience for me, its really kicked off a serious push to reach my goals for good, and I am so excited to see the results unfold so quickly. Not just on the scales, but my clothes are looser, I have more energy, things seem like less effort and its all resulting in being much happier.
For those of you who love to read the motivating mums and/or weight loss success stories like I did/do, I know sometimes it can be exciting but also daunting. Exciting seeing so many people who have made great achievements, exciting thinking you can do it too, but also daunting wondering if you can actually achieve similar results. You can worry about being disappointed in case you can’t or don’t lose the weight too.
I know sometimes I would read mums stories who had personal trainers or were hitting the gym every day – even just having the opportunity to do so – I was wondering if I would be able to do what they did without those things. But now, just seeing the weight come off so easily, know that it is possible without all that! You don’t need a trainer, you don’t need a gym (although I don’t doubt it would help speed up results).
I have heard many health experts say things like around 70% of weight loss is diet or diet is king, exercise is queen – and by doing Lose Baby Weight I can really see that come into action, how true it is. I don’t get out for a walk every day, but have made a big effort to get out more because I know its going to boost weight loss.
I don’t get crazy analytical about every little thing I eat, but stick to the plan as best as I can. I have still quickly noticed more energy, better skin, feeling healthy and the weight come off just fine, without bolting at the gate! I do what I can, and its been so very rewarding. Any change to unhealthy habits WILL make a difference.
Things I love!

  • When I touch/brush against some part of my body and it doesn’t feel as ‘padded’ as it used to! Sometimes it stops me in my tracks because I think, ‘that didn’t feel like that before!’
  • Things are much less effort. This might sound weird, but as a mum, you’re constantly bending down, picking stuff up right? It used to feel like an effort sometimes, especially when tired! But now, it seems so much easier. Like one motivating mum said, something like “I was out for a walk but felt like running because I could!!!” It might be hard to imagine now, but you do get more energy quickly, and you just want to go!
  • The food. It’s great learning so many new healthy ways of eating. I think we lack resources and tools with cooking, and by choosing meals from the Lose Baby Weight website and 28 Day Plan you get a great idea of alternatives, healthier ways of cooking etc and it sticks with you.
  • Noticing tone/definition I didn’t have before – even my face changing and my partner saying I have a glow! Weight loss really does change how you look, not just in your body but the whole energy about you too.
  • I don’t feel like I am missing out. I am sure I could be doing a little better, but I do have a sugar in my white tea. I have a splash of milk and a sugar, its something I have never been able to kick on any diet, but I add it to my daily calories and make sure I have a yummy but healthy snack with it – usually a low fat yoghurt.  So I certainly am not ‘perfectly’ following anything, but it is low calorie and I decide to see that as my ‘treat’. I’ve not had any sneaky chocolate or anything, as in my mind I know I am being healthy and that’s a very bad choice. But a cuppa, its my special thing.

Challenges this week
I’ve been getting a little frustrated with my cheeky family! While we are eating healthier dinners at night, they are still quite naughty with snacks and unhealthy foods – last weekend it was my daughters first birthday as well as my partner’s son’s 10th birthday (on the same day!). So, there’s been an abundance of naughty food and left overs. They’ve been offering it and teasing me, and while I am fine saying no, I do wish they were a little more supportive!
The birthday lunch went a bit crazy – we had it out at my partner’s parents place. Knowing there would be heaps of red meat, I especially bought wheat free lemon and herb crumbed chicken that I prepared for myself as well as a big green salad for everyone to share. Come mealtime, the chicken had been forgotten to be cooked and in the rush someone threw the chicken in the frying pan for me – my lunch tasted like a mouthful or two of oil!
I was so hungry because it had gotten so late in the day, but I knew my calorie count for the day was not in good shape. However like everyone else says, not much you can do, you just get back on your horse the next day and soldier on!  Sometimes it can’t be helped, and I wish I didn’t beat myself up over it so much, because everything is going in the right direction. One thing may not do that much damage – but doing it all the time will.
Setting Goals
saladI’ve decided to get a bit more definite about my goals, so far I have really just said that I want to get back into the 60’s. This is my short term goal which I hope to see in the next 2-3 weeks. However, going by BMI figures, I will be right in the middle of a normal BMI at around 65kgs. So that is goal number two for me.
This week I have been quite boring with meals, and stuck to my favourites, so I will be making an effort to try new meals. I have tried oat milk with my smoothies and its delicious! I noticed its more calorie rich than the others, so I mix it with half oat milk and half water or green tea.
lose_baby_weightTotally loving the healthy Greek lamb burgers (will be having that again many a time!), which I had in a wholemeal pita filled with baby spinach leaves, a bit of tomato, natural yoghurt and onion.
The healthy carrot cake muffins were yummy too – the kids loved them and they have never really enjoyed healthy savoury muffins before.
– Starting weight: 77.4kgs
 – Current weight: 73.4kgs
 – Total loss: 4.0kgs
Until next week…
Kelly Winder
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