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This month we continue to be motivated by the weight loss journey of Motivating Mum Kelly who has lost over 7kg on our plans. You can read some of her previous posts here and here.
Over to you, Kelly!
‘This week brought some really valuable lessons and reminders for me.
When you start on a weight loss journey, you can’t just assume everyone else is going to be as enthusiastic as you are. I spent a great deal of time thinking about this.

lose_baby_weightThere are various reasons why I think this happens:

  • People are so used to others saying ‘I’m on a diet’ (and we all know what sort of a reputation diets have) and don’t take you that seriously
  • They are forced to confront their own feelings around how they feel about themselves
  • They don’t care and just want to eat what they want without the stress of doing things differently just for one person
  • They have concerns about how things will change when one is fit and healthy, and they are not (potential insecurity issues)

Of course these all came flooding to me after Rhian pointed out the Lose Baby Weight article about unsupportive friends and family, which also addresses that others can see it as a criticism of themselves.
Food, like anything else, can be an addiction. A reason why others (who are not at a healthy weight themselves) don’t want you to lose weight is because it can be a big thing for THEM to deal with.
Just recently in the media, an Aussie actor talked about an up and coming documentary he’s taking part in – it’s like the ‘Supersize Me’ documentary but about sugar. While of course he won’t give too much away, he’s talked about how badly sugar has been affecting him:
“He says the change that has surprised him the most is the impact the diet has had on his moods and behaviour. The actor says he now often feels “flat, tired, grumpy, delirious, vague, edgy and a bit flatulent if you must know”.
The dietician then commented on sugar’s addictive nature:
“The dietician also believes it’s only a matter of time before it becomes officially accepted that sugar and some carbohydrates are addictive. He says he already sees on a day-to-day basis patients that are basically sugar addicts.”
An addiction is something we do to change our state. Be it smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, food – we do it to FEEL something in particular – a distraction from our present state. That could be boredom, stress, depression, fatigue, loneliness and so on.
Addicts feed their addiction for a feel good hit, and then have to deal with the health consequences, which often makes them feel worse than they did before.
People who are not ready to lose weight or try to de-rail your own attempts have their own psychological barriers to deal with.
Usually the most change comes from a very low point when we’ve decided we aren’t going to live like this any more. The psychological stuff is huge when it comes to weight loss.
This is why I am so glad that Lose Baby Weight emphasises mum being really ready before losing weight.
You need to be in a place where you see it as important for your health and wellbeing; otherwise you’ll fall off the wagon if you believe you’re depriving yourself.
healthy_eatingAs for me, at home, it’s gotten to the point where I have to make an effort to take control of what’s being cooked. One night for dinner, a wholemeal pasta and chicken meal ended up tasting quite cheesy, so I asked what was in it. Two handfuls of cheese had been chucked in as well as coconut cream.
The hard thing is I have been really unwell, so I have taken the opportunity to allow meals to be cooked for me, and although we discuss what’s for dinner, if I am not in control, then I am not going to meet my goals.
I’m also finding food being offered to me more often – food and snacks that are not healthy, and I have to say ‘no’ what feels like ten times.
I even detect a little frustration and forcefulness with it all, which gives me the message, ‘Would you stop being stupid, its only a little bit.’ That’s how it feels – and reminders that you are eating healthy don’t seem to work.
It’d probably work a little better if instead of saying, ‘No, I am on a diet,’ you say something like, ‘No, I am looking after my body/health now.’ Or some other ‘choice’ words!!!  Because a diet screams deprivation and starvation, and we all know what we want to do when we starve and deprive ourselves.
I’ve not been able to exercise either, because bub and I have been so unwell (aches, sweats, shivers, head exploding, chest exploding when coughing and snot, snot, snot). This has been a huge set back for me this week.
lose_baby_weightI do have a loss, although it’s small. It’s hard to not feel disappointed in my heart, but my head is reminding me all I have learnt about business. Ha, why, you ask?
Because I remember something great I learnt when attending a Tony Robbins seminar. He explained how all good business leaders know to expect plateaus. It’s life, they come!
When you hit those plateaus, it’s what you do that makes the massive difference.
Far too many hit those plateaus, panic and bail – it’s why so many businesses fail.
But GREAT business owners know that there will be plateaus. They expect them. And they power through them.
Any setbacks I face, I am not going to give up on. There is no way I am going to stop this journey until I reach my goal.
I am dying to see what slim Kelly looks like.
So no matter whose support I have – I am going to go find her and hang out with her this summer.
But hey, I am proud of myself, I have dropped 4.3 kilos in August  and 7kg all up– that’s pretty good!
I haven’t eaten chocolate, ice cream, fried food or fast food in a month!
My partner tells me I am looking good much more often and friends and family have mentioned my face looking slimmer and that the weight is dropping off!
My statistics:

  • Goal: 65kgs
  • Starting Weight: 77.4kgs
  • Current Weight: 73.1kgs
  • Loss: 4.3kgs

If I can keep the momentum up, I will be in my 60’s in September and that’s pretty exciting to be close to goal in the spring.’
– Kelly Winder  
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