Cat Christ has been using our plans and products which has helped her to lose 30kg and she has been motivating us along the way.  Today she is sharing her tips on how she has reduced her kids sugar intake.
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“Since starting the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge I have been taking closer notice of the sugar information on the nutritional labels instead of just the calories & protein that I usually look at. It’s helping me to make healthier choices. Sometimes 2 brands will look very similar but have VERY different ingredients surprisingly!
Example-  I was looking at Unsweetened Almond Milk and while one brand (that I usually get) had lower sugar contents a cheaper brand was much higher in sugar although they were both “Unsweetened.” I think if we are all that little bit more conscious of the ingredients in the things we are buying we will be able to make slightly better choices for both us and our kids!
So, next time you are out and about doing your groceries, compare a couple of items with different brands- Rice Crackers, Almond Milk, Cheese, Yoghurts- anything you are buying prepacked and check out the sugar column if you, like me was more concerned with the calories. Its definitely a new learning curb

Lose Baby Weight- Challenge

Reducing my Kid’s Sugar Intake

Kids can be the fussiest little ones at times and getting them to eat what we eat is also sometimes a struggle. Snack time, well, afternoon tea time is a struggle at my place because I’m usually shooting out the door to work so that means Nonna is left in charge and we all know how strong Grandparents are when it comes to saying “No” to the grandkids!
To give myself piece of mind KNOWING that they are eating something healthy-ish and its not going to ruin their appetites before dinner I do a lot of my baking over the weekend or when I have a quiet morning. Usually my Sunday afternoons are spent hard boiling eggs, roasting sweet potato, baking bikkies, muffins and batching them up for quick and easy lunch box making during the week.
My kids, like most kids LOVE bikkies! Buying the packaged ones though, does worry me with the amount of refined sugars and other processed additives that are in there. Plus, it’s not nearly as much fun opening a packet as it is to help Mummy mix, roll and decorate bikkies.
Our absolute favourite is the Choc-Chip Protein cookies using chickpeas! If you haven’t tried these you are sooooooo missing out.  I love making (Healthy Mummy) biscuits and taking them on play dates or to morning teas and seeing how much people love them and then watching the disbelief when you tell them what is in the and still how amazing they taste.
Some recipes below that are a massive hit with my kids are home and make snack time enjoyable for them still without the added processed sugars are the Sweet Potato Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Anzac Biscuits and the yummy Gingerbread People.  I hope you and your kids love them too! They are absolutely guilt free too so you shouldn’t feel bad about treating yourself to one (or 3!) with a cuppa once the little ones are in bed!
I hope that some of these tips can help you and your family
Cat Christ xxx”
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