Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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In her first post, Motivating Mum Angeline Hall who has lost over 6.5kgs with Lose Baby Weight filled us in on her quest to lose her baby weight. You can read Angeline’s first post HERE.
This week, Angeline shares all the ‘firsts’ she’s experienced during her weight loss journey.
Take it away Angeline!
‘Hello all! I’ve had a fantastic week and hope you all have too.
I was making my walnut and chocolate Healthy Mummy Smoothie this morning and thought to myself, ‘this is the first time I’ve ever tried soy milk.’ This led me to thinking about all of the ‘firsts’ I’ve had while on the Lose Baby Weight plans. I thought I’d talk about some of those this week. Since starting on Lose Baby Weight 7 weeks ago I have experienced the following firsts:

  • The FIRST time I’ve tried so many new foods. Quinoa, brown rice, soy milk, oat milk, chia seeds, fish oil tablets, rice milk, fresh ginger, fennel. None of these were even on my radar before Lose Baby Weight. I am also a little bit of a picky eater so was a bit wary of trying all of these new things. I took it slowly and tried one new thing at a time and I LOVE all of the above. Also, the meals on the 28 Day Plan are so versatile. I really dislike capsicum but any recipe that calls for it can easily be replaced. For example, I use tomato instead of capsicum in the Steak and Salsa meal.
  • The FIRST time I’ve been active every day. I’ve been trying so hard to make this a lifestyle change and being a motivating mum this month really helps. The difference is amazing. Exercising every day makes you feel great. It doesn’t have to be marathon hour long session either, I find just a quick walk or 10 minutes doing the Lose Baby Weight daily exercises clears your brain and improves your mood.
  • The FIRST time I’ve had smoothies as a daily part of my menu. They are so easy to make and fill you up and I have found that they are really helping my weight loss (see below).
  • The FIRST time in my life I’ve consistently had a healthy trolley on shopping day. I actually feel proud at the checkout when I load up all of my fresh fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and cheese. Not a chip or chocolate bar in sight. Before Lose Baby Weight my trolley was definitely not so healthy. Now that I have the motivation and am seeing results, it’s so much easier to bypass the lolly aisle and not have any treats in the house to tempt me.
  • This week is the FIRST time in a year and half that I am back into my size 14’s! The absolute highlight of my week was retiring the size 16 pair of jeans that I’ve been pretty much living in since I had bub because they’re miles too big! Before falling pregnant I was a size 14 but during the second half of my pregnancy and after baby I have been wearing size 16 pants and tops, so getting back into my 14’s after a year and half felt GREAT!lose_baby_weight

Looking at these firsts really makes me proud of my efforts. Putting things like this down on paper makes it concrete and gets me thinking about how far I’ve come in only a couple of months. And if I can do it, anyone can!
lose_baby_weightMy favourite smoothie this week was the Berry Mania smoothie from the 28 Day Plan and my favourite dinner was the Beef Kebabs from the 28 day plan, with salad. My hubby cooked the kebabs on the barbecue which gives them a great smoky flavour. My hubby is still loving the meals as well, his favourite this week was the Healthy Greek Lamb Burgers that we tried from the Lose Baby Weight website.
This week I had my second biggest weight loss since starting on Lose Baby Weight – a massive 1.7kg! (Most weeks I’m around 600g-1kg). I weighed myself twice because I was sure something was wrong with the scales. I was racking my brain, thinking ‘I haven’t done anything too different this week, why have I had such an increased loss?’, until it clicked: it was my first week having a daily smoothie!
Before this month, I was eating breakfast meals from the 28 Day Plan with the occasional smoothie (and still getting great results!) but have decided to step it up this month, with one of my goals being to have a smoothie every day. What a difference they are making! I highly recommend the smoothie plans to everyone.
This week my results were:

  • Weight 77.0kg, down 1.7kg – thank you smoothies!
  • Bust 96.0cm, down 2.0cm
  • Waist 83.5cm, down 0.5cm
  • Hips 105.5cm, down 0.5cm
  • Thighs 65cm, up 1cm

Next week my new goals are:

  • I received my chia seeds and fish oil tablets from Lose Baby Weight, so I’m going to use chia seeds in my daily smoothie recipes and take one fish oil tablet with dinner each night. The health benefits of chia seeds and fish oil tablets sound amazing!
  • To try the Lower Belly Exercises That Work from the website. I had a caesarean section, so my lower belly is still partially numb and quite ‘jiggly’ and is an area I feel I need to focus more on.
  • To have two soups from the Winter Warmer Plan for dinner this week. It’s been quite cold where I live, so some nice hot soup is perfect for this winter weather.

Have a great week everyone and stay healthy!’
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