healthy_eatingMany women openly admit to having full blown conversations in their head when it comes to making healthy choices about food or exercise.
And this internal chatter can either be your biggest ally or your worst enemy when it comes to losing weight.
If you find yourself caught up in a holding pattern of negative self-talk, it can really decrease your motivation to get started with weight loss or continue your healthy habits.
So how can you turn this around? Today we look at 5 common negative thoughts that you might have swirling around your head at some point.
For each of them we suggest ways that you can turn them around to help you reach your goals.

‘I haven’t lost any weight this week, I may as well give up’

We’ve all felt like this at some time or another. Often if you’ve had a few good weeks on the scales it can come as quite a shock to hit a plateau or to just have a small loss.
The key to remember is that this is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to step back in those weeks and think about how far you’ve come overall. Take a look at your ‘before’ photo and see how much you’ve changed.
Then you can think about whether there is anything that you could change up for the upcoming week. Perhaps you could throw in an extra training session, or commit to doing 50 squats per day at home.
Often just thinking of different things that you can try for next week makes you feel as though you are taking positive steps – which is always a good feeling.

‘It’s raining outside so I can’t go for my walk, I may as well just stay in bed’

Getting yourself out of a warm bed can be very tough. But if you have committed to doing some sort of exercise the night before, don’t let a bit of rain get in the way of that.
It’s important to have a plan B in case the weather gets the better of you. Why not do a lounge room workout, or even try our Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD. There are also loads of simple exercises that you can do from our 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan.

‘I’ve never been able to lose weight before, I just don’t know where to start’

If you have decided to make the change to healthy eating and exercising, sometimes it really helps to have some structure. That’s why the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan is so popular. You can simply follow the menu plans and exercise programs rather than having to think of your own ideas for what you should be doing. We have seen some amazing results from mums following our plan.
Or if you want some serious structure and daily hand holding and guidance join our 28 Day online Challenges where you do them with 1000’s of other mums – and everyone ensures you cross the finish line together
You can also choose whether you would like to include the Healthy Mummy Smoothies in your meal plans – lots of mums find them a great breakfast option as they are so quick, easy and filling. Not to mention tasty! They’re also a great back up for lunch as you can just grab them on the run if you are too busy to make something.
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‘I’ve got too much weight to lose, it will never happen for me’

Everybody has to start somewhere. And although some people have bigger mountains to climb than others, the good news is that it can be done.
Need some proof?

These are real women who had to start off with a lot of weight to lose too.
Rather than saying ‘I need to lose 30kg’ – which is quote an overwhelming goal – set smaller short term goals which allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment along the way.

‘It’s only a few biscuits, it’s not going to make any difference’

There is no point declaring that you will never eat a cake or biscuit again, as that’s just not sustainable. But if ‘just a few biscuits’ is becoming a bad habit every day, it may be worth trying to quit now before it affects your weight loss results.
The trouble with cakes and biscuits is that they are often loaded with sugar. So when you eat them you have the inevitable sugar high, followed by the post sugar slump which makes you crave even more sugar.
If you really fancy something, why not try one of our healthier options such as our tasty Carrot Cake Muffins or a Chocolate Chip Chickpea Protein Cookies. If you are breastfeeding you can also try our homemade Lactation Cookies which are said to help boost your milk supply.
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