There are all sorts of things that can contribute to having a bad day.
There’s sleepless nights with little ones, cars and washing machines can break down, there’s stress about money or work, headaches, backaches, tummy aches and all the other aches that come with a family.
bad day
Then there’s having a slip up with your eating, or not making the time to exercise, or getting an injury that prevents you from doing what you’d like to be doing, or succumbing to a craving that you regret 5 minutes later.
For some of us, having a bad day can trigger all sorts of emotions.
We can feel extremely tired and upset which can lead to us reaching for the fridge or pantry cupboard to make us feel better.
So instead of reaching for the anesthetic of the ‘old you’ – think chips, chocolate, ice cream, lollies, or just flopping on the couch – what can you do instead?
Today we ask some of our Motivating Mums to give us some advice for overcoming some of the hurdles that life can throw at you.

  • A less than ideal weigh-in

Kate Browne has lost over 20kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans and dropped from a size 18 to a size 10.
Kate says she was guilty of thinking she’d had a ‘bad’ week when the scales didn’t reflect her efforts.
‘It was so easy to set unrealistic goals for myself and get down on myself. Like some of the early weeks I was disappointed with a 500g weight loss in a week which is totally healthy!
It is hard when you feel like your working hard and not seeing the change on the scales.
For this reason I recommend doing measurements rather than looking at the kg’s!
And know that it won’t happen overnight! It is a slow process and that is totally how it should be. That is healthy weight loss.’

  • Not feeling like exercising

Kate Browne has this advice: ‘I always told myself that the hardest part was putting my shoes on. Once I was out walking it was easy. It was just making that choice to get off my bum and get moving

  • Hitting a plateau

Amy Bapty has lost almost 30kg with Lose Baby Weight. Amy says ‘I have found the resources on the Lose Baby Weight site invaluable on refocusing and moving past plateaus.
During these times I like to try and switch up my exercise rut. I tend to do the same activities in the same ways and find that switching it up is needed to push through.’

  • Having a sleepless night

Kate Browne says that ‘When I was feeling really unmotivated, like if baby had had a bad night I would just commit myself to doing 15 minutes.
I always remember something that I heard from a trainer, she said commit to get up and exercise for 10 minutes, if you still don’t feel like exercising then stop.
It’s one of those things though, once you start you feel great and you won’t want to stop!
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  • Having no energy

Janet Cook has lost over 20kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans. ‘I definitely have experienced having a sick bubby or bad weather or being crazy busy that has put me out of routine and it does make it hard.
Personally I just need to get out and walk and that will help build up my energy. The smoothies also give me energy that lasts the afternoon.
I find if I stay at home I just want to snack but if I stay busy on a project I don’t think about food.
I also think a great idea is to do the 3 day detox from the new cookbook and that should get you back on track – I always found I just had to have one really healthy day to remember how good it feels and want to keep going.’

  • Having a junk food binge

Liz Ashard lost 11kg with Lose Baby Weight, and she knows what this is like.
‘At the start, junk food was a big problem for me. Where I live I have 4 major junk food chains right opposite my house!!
Whenever I think about junk food I think about how I would feel after I ate it!
Also, go on the Lose Baby Weight website and see their recipes, I would be on that page constantly for food motivation.’

  • Craving junk food at home

Janet Cook says that one of her biggest challenges is ‘having a very slim, active husband who is 6ft 5 and will regularly eat a whole packet of chocolate cream biscuits in a night and never gain a kilo!
He loves sweet things so they are always in the house and of course he eats right next to me.
I have recently tried to counteract this by buying him treats that I am not tempted to eat such as jam doughnuts (I don’t like jam), Turkish Delight or other treats that I don’t like.
I am also slowly transitioning him to healthier treats that I will be happy for my son to enjoy when he is older, such as the yummy cake and dessert recipes on the Lose Baby Weight website.’
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