I started using Lose Baby Weight and drinking the healthy mummy smoothies at around 6 weeks post partum and joined a gym.
I have been experiencing steady weight loss and at now at nearly 7 months post partum I have lost over 29kg off of my pre-pregnancy weight.


As of this morning, I am no longer considered overweight according to BMI (see attached images)

My goodness I feel fantastic! I hadn’t realised how much I was holding myself back! I stool have a way to go as due to various reasons I have very little muscle tone. To begin with I have very fine bone structure too.
Huge bonus of the smoothies is great milk supply! I have a colicky baby who seems very sensitive to what I eat so I have dropped dairy and have just recently dropped wheat as a trial.
Thank goodness for the healthy mummy smoothies, they mean that I get an easy nourishing meal at times where I am too exhausted or have no time to make something more after hours of rocking and soothing my bub and running after my toddler!
Thank you so much again for your fantastic weight loss support!! And even more so, thank you for helping me to change my life!
– Amy Babty
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