This week we are bringing you a collection of five healthy eating recipes that involve packing in at least 5 veggies into one simple recipe.
If you’re trying to lose pregnancy weight you may be interested in adding more veg to your diet and living in a processed food free zone.
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Junk comes in all shapes and sizes (sometimes it’s even disguised as ‘healthy’ food) but it’s easy to ditch it in favour of real food. Just follow our 7 step plan here.

Rosemary Chicken and Veggie Tray Bake

healthy_eatingWith more than 7 varieties of veg, this recipe packs a nutritional punch.
And why stop there? Throw in any veggies you have on hand to make for a truly colourful dinner that will provide a lovely lunch for the following day.
The best part of this recipe (besides the fab flavours) is that it’s a one pan wonder – which means you can throw everything together in one pan to save on washing up.
Recipe here.

Sizzling Salmon Pasta

healthy_eatingPasta can traditionally be just an onion and tomato affair, but not this recipe.
You’ve got red capsicum, yellow capsicum, broccoli, carrot and zucchini all adding to the fresh flavours of the grilled salmon.
Plus the homemade marinade means you aren’t taking in any additives from a commercially prepared sauce.
Recipe here.

Mediterranean Veggie Pasta Bake

healthy_eatingYes you can pack 7 vegetables into your family’s dinner with this simple pasta bake.
With two kinds of cheese and some fresh parsley thrown in, it tastes sensational and also packs up well for lunch the next day.
When enjoying pasta it’s important not to overdo your portion sizes. Stick to the recommended amount per person as this will help you to stay within your recommended calories for the day. Remember – nothing is off limits, and everything is OK in moderation.
Recipe here.

Steak, Thyme and Mushroom Pie

healthy_eatingWho knew a pie could be on your healthy eating plan?
With 5 veggies slow cooked to perfection with some hearty beef, this is a meal worth savouring on a cool night.
Serve with minty peas or some steamed greens for an extra boost of goodness.
With just one sheet of pastry shared between 6 serves, you can have your pie and eat it too.
Recipe here.

Chilli Prawn Pad Thai

healthy_eatingForget the take away – this Thai inspired dish takes minutes to prepare and is packed full of goodness (and minimal oil).
Prawns are great for a quick meal, as they cook fast and are full of healthy protein.
At just 299 calories per serve, this is a great mid week dinner to feed the family.
Feel free to try it with beef strips or chicken instead to suit your family’s tastes.
Recipe here.

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