healthy_eatingMany of us have a bit of a soft spot for nice cheeses.
But if you are presented with a cheese platter at a party and are not sure what to go for, or wondering what is a good cheese to keep in the fridge for cooking with, look no further.
Today we have the lowdown on the better choices so that you can enjoy cheese while you are losing pregnancy weight.
Our Lose Baby Weight program is not about restrictive eating, cutting out food groups, or eliminating certain things from your diet.
So if you love cheese, you can still enjoy it as part of your healthy eating plan.
You’ve just got to know the difference between your mozzarella and your mascarpone!
When we are comparing, we are using a 30g serving as the basis (that’s about as big as four dice).

Highest and Lowest Calorie Cheeses

  • Some of the higher calorie choices include full fat cheddar (120 cal/30g), blue vein (100 cal/30g), brie (110 cal/30g), Parmesan (140 cal/30g) and stilton (125 cal/30g).
  • Some lower cal options include cottage cheese (45 cal/30g), cream cheese (83 cal/30g), goat’s cheese (72 cal/30g), haloumi (75 cal/30g) and ricotta (40 cal/30g).

You will see that in our cookbooks and on our recipe pages we use these lower calorie cheeses quite regularly.
A great option is to go for a low fat or light variety of good quality cheeses, which are now readily available at deli counters and supermarkets.

Here are our top choices for cheeses for any occasion:

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