healthy_eatingThe presents are unwrapped, the crackers have been popped, and you’re just getting rid of the last of those annoying plastic connector thingos that toy manufacturers use to torture us parents.
Then everyone says ‘I’m hungry’ and you look in the fridge and see a mountain of leftover ham, chicken, lamb, pork or turkey.
There’s something about Christmas that makes us turn into crazy over-caterers.
Maybe it’s all those public holidays (Will the shops be open? Will we all starve?) but there always seems to be so much food left over after Christmas Day.
If you need some inspiration for ways to turn that leftover meat into a healthy eating meal that’s not only going to taste great but also help you lose weight after pregnancy, look no further.


You can pretty much throw anything on a pizza – ham, turkey, chicken, roast veggies, stuffing, it’ll all be delicious.


Eggs are a great way to turn leftovers into something more interesting. A bit like a pizza, pretty much anything goes in a fritatta – so let your imagination go wild.


For a healthy breakfast why not whip up an omelette with lots of fresh eggs, meat, and some of the leftovers from the salad bowl (think olives, tomatoes, onion, cucumber).


For kid friendly snacks, you can’t go past a healthy eating muffin packed with tasty leftovers.


There’s nothing like a bit of pastry to get everyone excited about eating leftovers. We love this Tarte Tatin idea, and it’s versatile enough to work with just about anything from roast meats and veggies to cous cous salads or even pasta salads too.


Grab yourself some wraps and toss in your favourite combinations, then cook in a frying pan or on the BBQ. Some low fat cheese is a must to get the gooey centre just right.

Rice Paper Rolls

Great for a fresh snack or light meal, you can use up the leftover salad as well as the meat in these simple rolls. Use any leftover mango to make the tasty dipping sauce.


Turn leftover meat into a creamy pasta dish with just a few key ingredients.

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