healthy_eatingEver noticed how there is often some leftover meat on the BBQ that no one knows what to do with?
Sadly it often languishes there too long and ends up being tossed away. Such a shame!
Next time, why not in fact ensure there are leftovers – throw an extra steak / chop / chicken thigh on there then go hide it in the fridge later.
You will then be able to reap the rewards the next day.
Today we show you 4 delicious ways that you can use your leftover meat to create a tasty meal the next day.
Please note the calories and serving sizes will depend on the amount and types of meat that you have leftover.

Quesadillas (pictured):

I’m sure there is an official definition of these, but am my place a quesadilla is ‘Some meat, some veggies or salad, plus some grated cheese, in a wrap, folded over and toasted in the frypan’. The cheese (low fat of course) is the key here as it really helps to bind everything together. Here’s one of my faves. Thinly slice your leftover meat into bite-size pieces. Lay it on one half of your wrap and top with some sliced tomato, avocado, rocket lettuce and a sprinkling of chilli. Top with cheese. Fold over the wrap to make a half moon and place on a hot frying pan until golden, and then flip it over and toast the other side.

Colourful Cous Cous Salad

What a wonderful grain cous cous is. When you’re pressed for time it totally kicks goals in terms of the speed to prepare. Simply measure out one cup of cous cous and place in a large bowl with 2 cups of hot water. Throw a handful of sultanas in there, and some chopped dried apricots. After 5 minutes the water should have been absorbed. Fluff up the cous cous with a fork, and then sprinkle over ½ tsp cumin and ½ tsp cinnamon. Slice up your meat into thin strips and throw it in the bowl with a chopped red capsicum, a sliced shallot and a tin of corn. Season with salt and pepper. Enjoy the rainbow of flavours.

San Choy Bow

Grab a baby cos lettuce and pull off the leaves to use as cups. Thinly slice your meat before heating up and placing on a plate. Grill some big chunks of onion and red capsicum and place these on the plate too with a tbsp of light sour cream. Fill the cups and tuck in.

Vietnamese Roll

Grab yourself a crispy wholegrain rolls (ideally some with seeds for extra crunch). Slice your meat into strips and then warm it up. Place your meat on the roll along with some fresh coriander, some grated carrot and a sliced shallot. Squeeze over a wedge of lime before serving.
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